Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th May 2021 Episode starts with Amrit waking up and finding herself handcuffed. She finds the wine bottle. She gets Veer’s note and gets angry. Veer drinks and stumbles. Randhir comes and holds his hand. Randhir says I had seen you close to fall, so I came running, did you get willing to die. Veer says no way, life has troubled me a lot, but I didn’t try to die. He asks how did you come here. Randhir says I m staying close. Veer stumbles again. Randhir holds him. Veer recalls his younger brother. Vijender says you should see my qualities in Amrit, give her a chance, she will be yours forever. Mohan comes and interrupts. He insults Vijender. He asks Nalini to just favor the outsiders. He argues with Nalini. He asks can I ask you, who am I. He asks her to say.

Vijender says you are Mohan Pratap Singh ji. Mohan says no, I m the king’s real brother, I have the real right on this property, my brother had given it to his wife with faith that she will give my share to me, but she didn’t. She asks him to come to the point, why did she come. He says fine, you promised to give me a land, you changed your mind and gave it to someone else, why. She says because I didn’t find you responsible, your focus is more on gifting things to your wife, don’t insult others, you should focus on work. Vijender says how will he learn, until you put responsibility on his shoulders. Nalini says we decided to never interfere in our work. Mohan says you can’t snatch my right, you have called me incapable and snatched the land, you will know the truth soon. He goes. Veer says you had saved me, I would have died and got rid of my sin. Randhir’s diary is fallen there. Amrit says I have to find Veer and stop him from getting drunk. She shouts for help. Bindu and Vijender come. Amrit asks them to help. Vijender says Amrit would have stopped Veer from drinking, he has done this. He sees the tattoo on Amrit’s hand. She worries.

Nalini comes and asks what happened. Vijender hides Amrit’s tattoo. Bindu says Veer and Amrit were playing hide and seek in romance game. Mohan comes and says its not a joke, if anyone saw this, then Nalini’s respect would have got ruined, this news would have come on the front page in tomorrow’s newspaper. Amrit says I was stopping Veer from drinking, he was stopping me. Nalini asks Vijender to stop this drama. She goes. Mohan and Bindu also leave. Randhir says you don’t need to end life to repent for your sin, you take care of the new people in your life, treat them with love and good manners. Veer asks are you going somewhere. Randhir says I didn’t like this place, I will go forever. Veer asks what about your lover. Randhir says she is someone else’s now. Veer says break the society rules and snatch her from that person, I m with you. Randhir smiles. Vijender asks what’s this. Amrit says thanks, this is the result of partition, its a story of a helpless girl, I didn’t let this stain reach my soul, I had told Veer about this before marriage. Vijender says you are brave, don’t worry, its better to hide this, if party office members know this, then it may affect the elections. Mohan gets the key. He says every lock has a key. Vijender takes the key and frees her. He also sees the tattoo. He says if anyone tells this to Nalini, then… Amrit cries. Mohan laughs.

Vijender says find Veer and ask him to get ready, party members would come, go now. Amrit looks for Veer. Veer asks what’s your age. Randhir says 25. Veer says I m 27, you are like my younger brother, you are simple, you have to become mannerless to correct the society, I have the medicine for it. He asks him to drink alcohol. He asks Randhir to stay back for some days. Randhir refuses. Veer asks him to drink. Randhir shouts. Nalini says people started coming, I want you and Veer in the lawn in 10 mins. Amrit asks where are you Veer, where shall I find you. Veer says forgive me, I thought I have a right on you.

Randhir says fine, I will see this city with your eyes. He drinks and coughs. Vijender asks Mohan not to tell Nalini anything. Mohan asks why, she should know everything, you don’t want to upset her. Vijender says she won’t get the party ticket. Mohan says I can see her getting ruined, she didn’t give me the land. Vijender says I have all the reports of your misdeeds, I was silent till now, I will take you to the police if you tell anything to Nalini. He goes to Nalini. Veer asks who took away your lover, I will not leave him, tell me. Randhir angrily says you….. Veer gets shocked.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 6th May 2021 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohan argues with Nalini. Nalini sees the tattoo and gets shocked. Veer gets a pic from Randhir’s diary.


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