Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th May 2021 Episode starts with Nalini dragging Amrit with her to burn her tattoo. Vijender asks her to stop. She warns him to not stop her, else she will burn herself. She says if anyone knows the stain of my bahu, then people will start taunting me, I have much respect, you can’t have this stain. Bhanu says you can’t do thi, leave her. Servant stops him. Amrit asks Bhanu not to say anything, let Nalini do this if she thinks this will save their respect. She says I m ready to get my hand burnt. Veer comes and stops Nalini.

She says don’t come in between, this girl cheated me. He says no, I cheated you. She asks did you know about it. He says yes, she told me before marriage itself. He drinks. He says we all have stains on ourselves, difference is, its not seen on hands, see I have written on my hand, I m my brother’s murderer, when I can live here with you with this stain, why can’t she stay, you also have a stain, I will write on your hand. She says leave my hand. He writes and laughs. He says you have no motherly love for me, its your stain, I can’t forget Mohan. He writes traitor uncle on his hand. He writes husband’s puppet on Bindu’s hand. He goes to Vijender and says you are foolish to love Nalini so much, he silently stands by you, he doesn’t feel bad of your behavior, when we all can stay here, why can’t this poor innocent girl stay. Amrit looks on. Veer says we should burn our stain first, tell me, who will do this first. He goes to burn his hand. Nalini stops him. Vashma prays for Uday and Kabir. Uday comes there and follows her.

Nalini says I don’t love you, I have a complain with Lord, if he had to let one son stay alive, then why Veer, its a sin for me. Vijender asks her to stop it. Veer laughs and falls down. Veer says I know you since childhood, you couldn’t become a mum, how will you become a Saas. Uday teases Vashma to see her face. He says I have heard a lot about your beauty, show me your face once, let me see what’s special. She scolds him. He stops her and asks her to show face once. She makes him fall down and says I m a dancer, but I don’t sell my body. She lifts the veil. Uday gets shocked seeing her. He smiles. She says I m pure and will always be, you can’ dare to come to my lane. He calls her out. She turns. He removes his beard. She gets shocked seeing Uday. She puts on the veil. He lifts her veil. Music plays… Veer says Nalini knows to rule people, not hearts, she forgets that the son she lost was my brother too, I always wish that I had died that day. Uday says Vashma you are Noor, why were you troubling me, I m finding you madly since many days, why did you keep me away, how are you, did you not miss me.

He hugs her. She smiles. He asks how is my son, Kabir. She pushes him and scolds. She asks who is Vashma, why are you touching me. She says just limit this relation to the studies, else I won’t let you come to the brothel. Veer says you were calling me to meet the media, didn’t you tell them this good news, fine, I will do this. He asks Mohan to sit fast, write the news. Mohan writes. Veer says Amrit has become Nalini’s bahu, she is stained with Farooq’s name. Vijender says stop it Veer. Veer says thanks, media should remember this meet, I will tell them. He goes. Vijender calls him out. Veer locks the door. Amrit goes. Veer asks where are the reporters. Amrit stops him and says you can’t break your promise. He asks what promise. She says you said you will never touch me, now go and show me. Uday asks why are you doing this. She says I don’t know any Vashma, you are trying to get after me, I m Noor, don’t dare to come close to me. She cries and goes. Uday cries.

Randhir is leaving from the haveli. He thinks I m going forever Amrit, I wish I could see you once before going. Amrit says you should solve your issues at home, you won’t get anything by telling everyone. Veer says she crossed limits, get away. She says you also cross limits, you don’t forget that you also have a fake relation with me, tell the world that she is the worst mum and you are the best son, whatever you do today, your coming generations will read it in books, and make fun of your relation, go and ruin your ancestor’s respect, I have no status to stop you, you go. She says I have no problem with my stain, I know my truth, if any mum sees this stain on her bahu, she will get upset, you can’t punish Nalini for this. Vijender comes. He asks for the paper. Veer says I won’t tell truth to anyone, truth is Nalini is my mum, I m her son, nobody can change this truth. Vijender takes him. Amrit sees Randhir leaving. Randhir turns and sees her at the door. Randhir smiles and waves to her. She sees Veer.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th May 2021 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer ousts Amrit and asks her to get out. Randhir comes and says I got to see the truth of fake happiness, I won’t leave you. He meets Nalini and says I can get the lost ticket for you.


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