Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 10th September 2021 Baksa bua entes Radhav’s house with Ganapathi’s idol. Jwala nervously asks family to hurry up and make sure they don’t smell chameli/jasmine oil as Baksa doesn’t like it. They all rush out. Raghav informs Maithili that Baksa is Jwala’s younger sister who is very rich, short tempered, arrogant, etc., and visits them every year with Ganapati idol; everyone tolerate her arrogance and humiliation by her as she showers wealth on them.

Rani with Bhanu collects money thrown by Baksa and says on whoever Baksa’s garland falls will be her assistant for 10 days and will get rich. Baksa throws her garland which falls on Maithli. Rani fumes that her wealth went to Maithili. Chanchal says garland fell on house’s lakshami and informs Baksa that Maithili is Raghav’s wife. Baksa praises Maithili that she is young and beautiful, but can she handle Ganapati’s responsibility for 10 days. Jwala nods no. Maithili says Ganapati ji will give her strength.

Baksa keeps Ganapati’s idol on her and says let her see if she can hold it for 10 days. She then meets Jwala who acts and says officer Raghav’s mother welcomes her in her bungalow. Baksa then meets Mangi and flirts with him. Mangi shies. Jwala insults Mangi. Baksa then meets Raghav and asks why he looks serious always, he should smile at least when she dies. She orders him to establish Ganapati idol with bahu as its auspicious for couple. He walks with Maithili with frowning face.

Chanchal asks Maithili not to be afraid of Baksa and serve her for 10 days, her hanuman/himself will be there to help her always. Jwala badmouths about Maithili to Baksa and says she wants to get rid off Maithili and get a new bahu for Raghav. Bhanu serves Baksa and takes money from her continuously. Rani says forget where garland fell, she will serve her even this year as usual. Jwala backs her and says nobody saw it. Baksa says god saw and chose the person, so they shouldn’t bother. They both get jealous and continue backbiting Maithiii. Baksa stops them and asks to invite all the guests including bahu’s family for Ganapati pooja.

Sadhna after getting invitation insists Arun to attend pooja, but he denies. She says she needs to attend at least or people will blame that she hates her adopted daughter. Maithili decorates Ganapati idol area. Raghav says its good. She holds him and asks if its very beautiful and he doesn’t want to accept it. Baksa enters with others and taunts to behave in front of god at least. Jwala says her decoration is really bad and calls Rani to change it. Baksa says its awsome and orders to bring her Baksa/wallet. Bhanu brings it and says he safeguarded it well. Baksa says cat is safeguarding milk.

Raghav says now Baksa mausi will distribute money to everyone. Baksa says only to Maithili and offers her money. Raghav thinks Maithili will not accept it. Baksa thinks she will test Maithili. Maithili accepts money. Baksa says everyone are fond of money. Maithili thinks she will change Baksa’s thinking in her own way.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baksa identifies Maithili’s fake jewelry. Sadhna says she gave 22 carat gold. Jwala asks if she is alleging her. Baksa asks Maithili to tell truth. Maihthili say she old real jewelry and exchanged them with fake ones.


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