Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 14th July 2021 Arun feels sad remembering Sandhya’s misbehavior towards Maithili. He thinks he couldn’t fulfill the promise made to his friend and couldn’t become a good father. Maithili hearing that says she cannot be a good father as he is the best. She says anger doesn’t suit him. He asks her to sit. She says she decided to study further will do masters, pHD, etc. He asks when will she marry. She says she will call them to US. He says this decision is wrong. She says her earlier decision was right, she can grow her career even after marriage, mummy was telling same.

Jwala nervously prays god to pass her son and protect him. Raghav sadly returns home. Family gets excited seeing him and asks how was his interview. He nervously says it didn’t go well and describes all the incidents happened when he left home for interview, hence doesn’t know if he cleared the exam or not. Chanchal says their dream is shattered. Jwala panics and breaks things. Raghav says results are not yet announced. Jwala switches off lights saying she spent so much on electricity. Family searches her and finds hiding behind a drum crying loudly that her dream shattered. Raghav consoles her and says he will fulfill her dream. He makes her sleep on bed and presses her feet. She prays god to fulfill his dreams.

Arun tells Maithli that his daughter is intelligent and grew up soon. She asks him to trust her and mummy’s decision as she can make her career after marriage. He says he had promised her father that he will support her in every step. She says he is and says let us see of jiju and Bhavana didi or else they will feel bad. He accompanies her. After sometime, Maithili checks her mail box and thinks what if her dream is not fulfilled, she helped someone else/Raghav fulfill his dreams. Raghav remembers failing to answer interviewer’s question. Maithili thinks Raghav was nervous and she should ask him. She messages him how was his interview. He replies it was nice, but he cannot say anything. She sees breaking stars and prays god to pass his interview. He messages not to worry as everything is fine, he wouldn’t have given interview without her help. He then messages that he wants return her hanky and will meet her at Tulip Restaurant tomorrow at 2 p.m. She replies no. He messages to meet him at ghat. She thinks whether she should or not. Aarthi sees her nervousness and insists her to go.

Next morning, Arun takes juice for Sandhya and plays Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga.. song to calm her down and dances with her. She calms down and smiles. Aarthi peeps with Maithili and says Raj is trying to convince her Simran. Maithili says they shouldn’t peep. Raghav messages her and says she will not go out without mummy’s permission. Aarti walks to Sandya and asks if she is going for her kitty party. Sandya says yes. Aarti says she and Maithili wants to prepare pasta and will ask servant to clear the mess. Sandhya agrees. Aarti asks her to say yes to Maithili. Sandhya nods yes. Arun says children have to take fire brigade’s permission to enter kitchen. Aarti asks Maithili to go now as she got mom’s permission.
Maithili waits for Raghav at ghat when riots break down. She runs and when a bomb is about to fall on her, Raghav rushes and rescues her.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav rescues Maithili from riots and they get closer while trying to protect themselves.


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