Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 26th August 2021 Jwala tells Maithili there is no value for her mangalsutra and its a lock for her, so better she removes and throws it away. Maithili tries to remove it. Chanchal stops her and asks Jwala if she wants the fight to continue. Jwala starts her emotional blackmail and blaming Maithili instead says she burnt herself in sacrifice for children. Raghav warns Jwala not to blame mummy for an outsider. Maithili says she will act as Raghav’s wife just for a wife. Raghav says they need not fight because of an outsider. Maithili says thanks for reminding her.

He says always and walks away with Jwala. Rani takes Maithili to her daughter Anandi’s room. Anandi murmurs that she is taught by her mummy not to befriend new mami, fight with her, trouble and insult her. She sets a trap for Maithili. Maithili slips and falls. Rani laughs seeing that and acts as scolding Anandi. Maithili says Anandi needs chocolate instead for her mischief. Anandi repeats that mummy taught her not to befriend new mami, fight with her, trouble and insult her. Maithili says its difficult not to befriend her. Anandi angrily throws her bag away Maithili picks back her stuff and finds Aarti’s letter that whenever Maithili goes, she makes that place a house, they are missing her and wants her to be happy wherever she is.

Rani prepares food in kitchen yelling that all the work is dumped on her. Maithili offers to cook food. Rani happily agrees. During dinner, Jwala smells food and rudely questions Rani if she ordered it from hotel. Rani nervously agrees that Maithili prepared food today. Jwala scolds her. Her SIL says as Chanchal told, fate brought Maithili in this house. Raghav joins them and smelling food says it looks very tasty today.

Jwala says its paneer smell. He asks Rani about Maithili. Rani lies that she called Maithili, but she went away making weird faces. Raghav tastes food and scolds Maithili that he is habituated to have his mother and sister’s prepared food and shouts at her not to prepare food from heron. He walks away. Family finishes whole food praising it. Maithili sees nothing left for them. Jwala and her team humiliate her and asks her to have hot water and smell dirty plates. Chanchal gets angry hearing that. Maithili says she is full hearing their praises. SIL says she gave a befitting reply. Chanchal smiles while Jwala burns in anger.

After sometime, Rani takes milk for Jwala. Jwala says she will make Maithili’s life a hell. Door bell rings. Rani opens it. Pizza deliver boy delivers pizza. Rani yells if he is mental, who ordered pizza. Maithili says she ordered it as she is hungry and asks bill amount. Jwala asks how will she make payment. Raghav says he will. Jwala stops her. Maithili says they liked her prepared food so much that they didn’t leave anything for her, so she needs her shagun and will pay from it. Raghav asks Jwala to give shagun to Maithili. Jwala gives her shagun with frowning face.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jwala gives her bills and asks her to pay them. Maithili says she will pay after a week at once. Jwala demands jewelry as collateral. Maithili gives and applies for a job. Jwala informs Raghav that Maithili is finding a job.


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