Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 27th August 2021 Maithili orders pizza and makes Jwala pay for it and thinks if they try to do wrong, she will stop them. Rani tells Jwala that she got a problem. Chanchal says they got a lakshmi home. Maithili tells Jwala that she is not habituated to sleep hungry and ordered pizza as they liked her food so much and finished it completely. Raghav asks if they didn’t leave any food for Maithili. Rani starts emotional blackmail and says Maithili is lying. Jwala supports Rani and says she will not get shagun money every day, so how will she manage for the remaining 7 days, she will pay her expenses if she wants. Maithili says she will take up a job and will support herself. Radha asks her to stop her drama as they can handle her expenses for a week. Maithili says she really wants to be independent and hence got out of car while coming home. Jwala stands fuming.

After sometime, Aarti video calls Maithili and asks how is she. Maithili says she sacrificed her life for papa’s sake. Arun walks in and says Maithili is close to her after him, she should tell why Maithili betrayed him and married Raghav against his orders. Maithili signals Aarti not to say anything. Aarti says Maithili married Raghav as she loves him. Arun walks away disappointed on Maithili. Aarti asks Maithili again why did she sacrifice her life for papa. Maithili says she can do anything for papa. Later, she sends job applications to companies enjoyig pizza and falls asleep on couch.

Next morning, Jwala wakes her up beating thalis/plates. Maithili asks what is she doing. Jwala says she cannot touch and wake her up or else she will file physical harassment case against her. She then gives electricity, water, grocery, and rent bill and of 1200 approx and says actual bill was high, but she gave her family discount. Maithili says she will pay her after a week. Jwala demands her jewelry as collateral till then. Maithili says she cannot give her papa’s gifted jewelry. Jwala says not her real father and insists. Maithili gives her jewelry and demands breakfast as she is paying for it. Jwala walks away fuming. Maithili thinks she will not let her papa’s pride go down and will find a job.

Jwala then trying to provoke Raghav that Maithili is finding a job and its bad for them as he is a big officer and people will badmouth that his wife took up a job next day after marriage. Raghav says they never stop anyone from doing whatever they want to and he will not stop Maithili from working. Jwala determines to stop Maithili from attending job interviews and when Maithili goes for a bath, she asks Rani and her husband to search Maithili’s bags. They both check bags when Maithili returns towards her room to pick up towel. Rani’s daughter stops her and gives her towel. Maithili tries to chat, but girl walks away fuming. Rani and her husband check Maithili’s certificates and inform Jwala that she got high marks in all her academics and will get a job easily. Jwala plans to rob Maithili’s certificate via professional robbers and throw them in lake.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maithili reaches to interview area where robber snatches her certificate and throws them in lake. Raghav reaches the area for inspector. Maithili cries that she doesn’t have anything except her certificates.


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