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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jwala takes rats and throws them into a grocery shop. Shopkeeper gets afraid and asks what is she doing. Jawala says she is Raghav Kumar’s mother Jwala Kumar and asks what did he say to his daughters Raniya and Buchi. Shopkeeper says they owe 22000 rs since 7 months and he cannot lend them money anymore. Jwala asks if he forgot that she told him. He says she told her son Raghav has completed his education and will get a high salary job and big dowry. She shows him dowry rate card and says doctor will get 25 lakhs dowry, engineer 50 lakhs, and an high rank officer 75 lakhs; her son will become a big officer and get 75 lakhs. Shopkeeper says he remembers everything. She orders him not to deny grocery to his daughters or else her son will start buying grocery from another shop. He asks if her son found a rich bride. She says he will and fixes rate card on wall.

Sangeet ceremony party is shown next. DJ invites guests to officer Mahesh Rai Shikha’s sangeet ceremony and says bride and groom’s families are practicing dance and looks like there would be a fierce competition. Mrs Rai pays special attention to a guest. Another guest gets jealous seeing that. Her friend says the lady is Sadhna Tiwari, CP sir Arun Tiwari’s wife. Lady says that is why she is getting so much attention and asks about Sadhna’s children. Friend says she has 3 daughters, one is married and don’t know where other 2 are. Girls compete with boys in gol gappa eating competition. Boys taunt that girls cannot win. Girls call their champion Maithili. Maithili enters and starts competing, but gives up seeing her competing boy’s condition. Boys lift winner boy and call Maithili a loser. Maithili’s younger sister Aarti asks why did she lose purposefully. Maithili says boy’s stomach would have bursted if he had 1 more gol gappa and says every battle cannot be won and one has to listen to their heart.

Sangeet ceremony starts. Maithili dances with bride on Sasural genda phool song. Mrs. Rai calls Shika, tells her something, and takes her away. Maithili noticing that follows them. Groom’s father Mithilesh alleges Mahesh that he betrayed him. Mahesh says he paid what the decided dowry. Groom’s father unveils a weighing machine and says girl’s weight was 60 when wedding was decided and now she is 58 kg, so he needs 50 kg gold. Bride’s mother requests to address her daughter properly. Mithilesh asks to weigh the girl once and clear his doubt. Maithili noticing that remembers her father’s teachings to never get afraid of any wrongdoings. She stops Shikha and says vegetables are weighed and not girl. Groom’s mother asks who is she. Mrs Rai says she is a friend’s daughter. Groom’s mother yells who is she to interfere in a family issue and its an age-old shagun, they are doing favor by accepting just BA pass Shikha. Mithilesh says he didn’t force them on gunpoint. Maithili encourages them to stop this dowry menace and asks groom’s mother if she would have done same with her daughter. Lady says she doesn’t have a daughter and if she had, she would have thrown gold weighing double the weight of her daughter on her in-laws’ face. Maithili threatens them to record their video and upload it in social media. Sadhna scolds her not to interfere in other’s issues and drags her from there. Groom’s mother walks away yelling. Maithili drives car remembering the incident. Aarti asks why did she react seeing dowry issue and didn’t during gol gappa competition. Maithili gives her reason. Mother scolds them.

In the evening, Sadhna scolds Maithili for interfering because of which Shikha’s wedding was about cancel. Aarti supports Maithili. Maithali calls her maa and apologizes. Sahdna says she is her aunty and not mother and yells her husband doesn’t say anything and hence Maithilil is getting out of control. Maithili speaks to Sadhna’s photo and requests to calm down. She remembers Arun bringing his friend’s daughter Maithili home and telling Sadhna that she will stay with them hereon. Out of flashback, Maithili tells Sadhna’s pic that she didn’t want to anger her and expects her pampering her like she pampers Bhavana and Aarti. She emotionally cries that she loves her immensely. Arun passes by and seeing her crying cheers her up.

Jwala shows dowry rate card to marriage broker and asks howmuch he ears now a days. He earns just dal roti. Her husband says broker earned 1 lakh per marriage. Shikha asks broker to show some girls’ photos for her son Raghav. Her drama starts. She brutally threatens broker and orders him to get a high dowry paying girl for Raghav . Broker says Raghav is not a class 1 officer yet. She says he will and gives him a long list of dowry items; she even takes Shika’s wedding invitation from him forcefully.

Maithili pays badminton with Arun and cheers her mood. Arti walks in and reminds them about Shikha’s wedding tomorrow. Jwala looks at Shika’s wedding card and says she feels she will find Raghav’s bride there. Next day, she with Buchi and Raniya enters wedding venue hiding crossing fencing wires. Her drama starts and she attends guests as if its her close relatives’ wedding. She then gets mesmerized seeing dowry items and counts each item’s value. Arun gets out of car and all guests throng around him. Jwala gets impressed more and thinks she will fix Raghav’s alliance in a similar high profile family. Maithili sees Raghav playing with kids and burning crackers and gets impressed by him. Later, Jwala sees Maithili with Arun and thinks father is a high ranked officer and daughter looks like a beautiful heroine, she will get Raghav married to this girl.

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Jwala reveals that all the dowry items and gold newelry are fake. Mithlesh cancels wedding and insults Mahesh’s family. Wedding mantap catches fire, and Shikha gets caught in it. Maithili rushes to rescue her, but is stopped.Raghav rescues Shikha. Maithili gets angry hearing groom’s mother’s ill comments.


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