Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 7th July 2021 Police inspector questions Maithili and insists her to inform what happened during Shikha’s wedding. Sadhna asks her not to question a kid and when she already questioned Shikha’s mother, she should leave. Inspector leaves commenting to hide the crime. Maithili asks why did they hide truth. Mrs. Rao says their image will be tarnished if the truth is out and requests her to hide the secret. Sadhna asks Maithili to be with Sikha as she needs her. Maithili asks Sikha to call back inspector and reveal her truth. Sikha asks if she would have done this if she was in her place. Back home, Maithli reminisces the incident and uploads Mithilesh’s dowry demanding video in social media thinking if not her, someone will stop him and all battles are not necessary but this fight is. On the other side, Jwala thinks she cannot expect any money from her children except Raghav who will bring her 20 lakhs dowry. Rani informs her that broker informed that he will bring girl’s family tomorrow.

Next morning, whole city watches the video. Mithilesh and his family visit another family with alliance, and his son says he needs a life partner rand nothing else. Girl’s brothers shows video to his father, and father kicks out Mithilesh’s family. At night, Maithili looks at fireflies on her house’s terrace and dreams of becoming self-reliant like her father. Raghav on the other side teaches locality children. Light goes off. Fire flies surround them. He continues teaching them. They ask if he will forget them after becoming an officer. He tickles them and makes them laugh.

Next morning, Jwala forces Rani and Buchi to clean the house for guests and asks Buchi if she brought crockery from neighbors. Raghav walks down and asks why they are cleaning house and let him help them iron clothes. Jwala asks him to go out. His sibling Chanchal comments that Jwala are forcing him to work and is sending Shravan Kumar out as guests are coming. Raghav asks what is he talking about and suggests him to stop lazing around and apply for a government job. Chanchal comments that Raghav failed twice in job entrance exam and is suggesting him to apply. Jwala throws slipper on Chanchal. Her husband insists Raghav to go and give some files to his senior officer. Chanchal comments they made an officer a peon. Raghav says no job is small. Family drama continues.

Shikha calls Maithili and asks if she uploaded the video. Maithili agrees and says how can she let go the culprits who injured her best friend’s both body and soul. On the other side, broker brings girl’s family. Jwala with her husband greets them and asks about their car. They lie it got stuck. Broker says they came in SUV. Jwala comments its a cab. They walk in. Family drama continues. Girl’s family boasts about their wealth. Jwala evaluates their fake jewelry and clothes and realizes they are poor and lying and signals Rani. Rani brings broken biscuits and burnt tea. Girl’s father notices neighor’s name on cup and asks who is Dubey. Jwala’s husband says he changed his surname from Kumar to Dubey. Chanchal comments next year, they will be Chubeys. Jwala acts as scolding Rani for bringing broken biscuits and says she will bring sweets. Chanchal comments at girl’s father to escape soon.

Sadhna serves tea to Arun and discusses about Aarti’s wedding. Arun says Aarti is still in first year of degree. Sadhna says they already spent more than 50% of their savings in Bhavana’s wedding, so she is worried. He asks her not to worry as he will perform his both daughters’ wedding lavishly. She warns him that she will not let him take loan or break his pension fund. Maithili hears their conversation while passing by. Arun asks where is she going. She says she is going to officer’s club where she will meet her friend and check her exam results online. Sadhna thinks once she passes exam, she will demand higher studies and then they have to spend even on her marriage.

Raghav reaches officer’s club to get printouts. Receptionist asks him about his department and designation. Ragha v says his father is a peon. Receptionist scolds him and shows him direction to computer room. Maithili reaches club and after meeting her friend checks her result online nervously. She gets happy seeing she passed her exam. She happily walks out of computer room and clashes with Radhav. They stand looking at each other.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sadhna asks Maithli to sell jewelry and fund her further studies not bother about them. Maithili sadly looks at her marks sheet and it falls down and flies away. Jwala tells Raghav that they are sacrificing a lot to make him an officer. Maithli informs Arun that she doesn’t want to study further. Raghav finds Maithili’s marks sheet and seeing excellent marks prays god to fulfill the dreams of this person.


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