Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 8th July 2021 Raghav and Maithili clash with each other and their papers fall. Raghav apologizes and says he will help her. She searches her marks sheet. He finds her marks sheet and praises that she got 90+ in all subjects. She remembers him rescuing Shikha and asks if he is the one who saved her friend Shikha during her wedding a few days ago. He says yes. She asks if he is also an officer. He says not yet and came here searching computer lab to print some documents, asks how is her friend and if they file police complaint. She asks if he is a reporter or social worker. He asks why she is asking this. She says hearing her questions, she wants to know; asks if he is a teacher. He says he is a lecturer and asks how does she know. She repeats his style. They both laugh, and she leaves. He says he doesn’t usually ask anyone their names. She says she is Maithili Tiwari, officer Arun Tiwari’s daughter.

Jwala tells girl’s family that she will bring sweets for them. They get happy hearing that. Chanchal warns them to run away. Jawala brings burning coal instead and puts it in girl’s father’s hands, insults them that they are broke wearing artificial jewelry, cheap clothes, and came in cab instead of car; she needs a rich girl for her would be officer son and shoos them away. They run away fast to save their lives.

Sadhna asks Maithili now that she completed her degree, what she wants to do further. Maithili says she wants to study further, will need 15 lakhs min and will manage with some loan and part time job. Sadhna throws jewelry boxes in front of them and says she bought jewelry for Aarti and her wedding, but she can use it for further studies and spend all their savings instead of marrying. She continues yelling that people think they are rich seeing their government bungalow and servants, but stubborn Arun Tiwari doesn’t have any savings than gratuity and PF funds; they will shift to a small city in a small house without any servants, etc.; she would suggests her as an elder to get married instead of thinking of further studies. Maithili gets disheartened hearing that. Shikha calls her and congratulates her for first class marks in class as usual and suggests her to get into some big university and study well. She further informs that her whole family is shifting to a different city due to her father’s transfer where they will search a groom for her and get her married. Shikha thinks about Sadhna’s bitter words.

At Raghav’s house, Rani’s daughter sees Jwala carrying milk for Raghav and requests her to give milk to even her. Rani scolds her. Raghav asks her not to scold her and gives his milk to her. Jwala yells at Rani’s daughter. Raghav’s father says he bears insult by offers whole day in a hope that his son will become an officer soon and will get him out of the mess soon, so Raghav shouldn’t disappoint him.

Arun brings ice cream and tells Sadhna and Maithili that they will have it after dinner. Aarti also brings ice cream. After dinner, they enjoy ice cream in garden. Arun asks Maithili to bring her marks card and thinks she will become an IAS officer one day. Aarti says MBA as its a corporate time now. Maithili brings her marks sheet. Arun gets happy and asks her future plan. Maithili says she will marry like Bhavna didi. He says Bhavana was different. Sadhna backs Maitili. Maithili says no more discussion now as she has already decided. Sadhna calls broker to find an alliance for Maithili. Maithili looks at her marks card and each won trophy and feels emotoinal. Her marks card files and falls in front of Raghav. Raghav seeing excellent marks prays god to fulfill the dreams of whoever’s marks card is this.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jwala threatens broker to fix Raghav’s alliance with Maithili. Broker says she is from a big officer’s family and out of her reach. Raghav and Maithili clash again while passing by. Jwala insists Raghav that he has to clear his exam this time at any cost. Raghav’s bike breaks down midway.


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