Lockdown Ki Love Story 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Lockdown Ki Love Story 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Lockdown Ki Love Story 19th September 2020 Dhruv thanks Nutan and says he knew she would agree for wedding for his happiness. Nutan says she is okay with anything for his happiness. Sonali says if prewedding rituals will continue. Dhruv says yes and let us rock. Sonam excitedly jumps in happpiness and hugs Bua. Bua comments Nutan that this mad girl is becoming his daughter-in-law/DIL. Sonam says she will organize all the dress themes, it would be a fusion for both families. Shashikant says he didn’t understand her plan, but its good. He asks Dheeraj to open his suitcase to get his best dresses and asks Nutan to get her best saris and jewelry. Nutan gets into her room and checks her jewelry when Bua walks in and asks if she gave up and accepted Sonam as bahu. Nutan says she hasn’t and will try to break this alliance till the last moment. Bua praises her and peeps at jewelry. Nutan locks her jewelry and leaves.

Sonam decorates house for prewedding shoot. Ankita praises her skills. Sonam says she will give matching dresses for Ankita and Dheeraj and make them look like Virat and Anushka. Tanu says they look more like Ranveer and Deepika. Dheeraj says let it be, after years of marriage, wife looks like maid and husband like gardener. Sonam asks about Dhruv and walks to his room. She searches him and opens bathroom where he is bathing and shouts in shock. Dhruv hides his modesty nervously. She closes door and jokes that that there is no use now as she already saw what she has to see. He drapes toweel around him and walks out. She insists to tell what he is wearing for prewedding shoot. He says she will be surprised and locks door.

Amber adjusts his camera for prewedding shoot. His and Sonia’s nok jhok starts. Nutan gets angry, but Shashikant stops her. Sonam walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Everyone praise her. Nutan applies black dot saying she will not get nazar/bad eye. Dhruv walks down next. Sonam stands mesmerized. Dhruv asks how is he looking. Subhadra says handsome and applies him black dot. Ankita says he is looking like a prince. Nutan says he is a prince. Amber starts prewedding shoot. Sonam and Dhruv sit hesitantly at a distance. Amber asks them to come closer. Shashikant senses their hesitation and takes all elders away. Dhruv and Sonam them start shoot sitting closely.

Back to Nutan’s room, Bua continues brainwashing Nutan. Subhadra walks in and says she wants Nutan and her to exchange their saris to strengthen their bonds. Bua jokes if bhauji will wear samdhanji’s pant. Subhadra says she brought even saris and seeing Nutan’s face asks if she is still angry. Nutan says rituals are missing in her son’s wedding. Subhadra asks her to describe in detail. Nutan says dowry ritual, leaving Subhadra shocked.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nutan demands 25 lakhs+ dowry from Subhadra. Bua praises her. She says she doesn’t need any dowry and is just frightening Subhdra to break this alliance.


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