Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th September 2020 Nutan scolds Sonam for wearing modern short dress and making Ankita also wear short revealing dress for photoshoot. She yells at Ankita and asks if she lost her shame, etc. Ankita feels guilty and covers herself. Nutan orders her to delete pics. Sonam asks what is wrong if she wears modern dress among ladies. Nutan says she will not tolerate this shamelessness in her house and if she cannot follow rules, she can break this alliance. Ankita apologizes Nutan. On terrace, Dhruv and other family males start photo shoot and wait ladies. Bua jokes that she is also a woman and not dinosaur and goes to call Nutan. Nutan asks Sonia to delete Ankita’s pics from her mobile and forcefully tries to snatch mobile from her. Mobile falls on vase and falls down. Dhruv hears that and tells Shashikant that amma is calling him. Shashikant says every time she calls, there would be some or other problem. Subhadra goes to check on ladies.

Nutan continues yelling at Ankita. Tanu asks if Ankita doesn’t obey her, will she feed her chillies again. Nutan asks what.. Subhadra walks in and scolds Tanu to behave with Nutan and drags Sonam and Tanu from there. Nutan orders Ankita to go and wear proper clothes and follows Subhadra. She tells Subhadra that she has seen the world and knows whaht would be the consequences, she cannot allow all this in her house. She then sees men walking towards them and shouts to stop right there and turn back. They all turn back confused. Nutan sends Sonam and Tanu to their room and yells at Shashikant that his bahus were wearing bikini kind a thing shamelessly. Sonia says its hot pants. Nutan continues and yells at Pratham for letting his daughters wear shameless dresses. Pratham says there is nothing wrong in it and if they have problem, he will cancel this wedding. Shashikant orders Nutan to shut her mouth and apologizes Pratham for Nutan’s narrow thinking.

Subhadra scolds Sonam that Nutan is old fashioned and she should adapt to her nature, why did she force Ankita to wear short dress, etc. Dhruv walks in and asks if he can speak to Sonam alone. Subhadra and Tanu walk away. Sonam sit nervously. Dhruv jokes that her act was good, but her planning was bad, she took little sonia’s help instead of him, he would have made better arrangements and would have enjoyed Goa trip’s feeling again. He then explains her that Nutan is orthodox and used to draw a long pallu over her head, but she progressed to show her face in many years, how will she tolerate if suddenly her bahus wear so modern dresses; he will speak to Nutan and will explain her. Sonam says she herself will speak to mummyji.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nutan and Pratham decide to not let Sonam and Dhruv’s wedding happen at any cost. Bua asks them to be determined, she will do rest of the job.


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