Lovely sudden arrest for Nimrat Accident – Lovely Pay Back Time


Lovely (Anjali Anand) gets arrested, Sikandar (Mohit Malik) helpless 

Star Plus popular daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is up for new drama and dhamaka.Unexpected sudden arrest for Lovely Everyone reaches the auditorium and finds the police. Sikandar and the play crew try to oppose the police sent by Jimmy. The inspector tells Sikandar that the auditorium belongs to Jimmy. He stops Sikandar from conducting the play there.

Sikandar tells that he has paid ten crores to Jimmy so that the play goes on smoothly. Jimmy arrives there and tricks Sikandar by the wrong contract. He tells Sikandar that the rental time has elapsed and now the auditorium can’t be used further. Sikandar tells him that he has paid ten crores only for completing the play. Sikandar sold his songs rights to arrange the money.

Lovely’s bitter past deeds will return infront of her and will punish her for what she had done.Sikandar will be shocked as police had came to arrest Lovely and takes her with them.

Lovely begs Sikandar to stop this as she is really ashamed of what she had done by killing Nimrat and then troubling Kulfi.Kulfi and Amyra get to know Sikandar’s big move. Jimmy tells Sikandar that the buyer was actually his employee. Sikandar gets stunned. He gets his daughters’ support. They tell Jimmy that none can snatch Sikandar’s voice and talent. They support Sikandar like never before. Sikandar gains courage by them. He gets to see Kulfi’s friends, Mia and family to support him. The media also reaches there. They all defend Sikandar. Police doesn’t create a scene and allows Sikandar to continue with the play. Jimmy wants to take revenge on Sikandar.

Lovely confess that it was she who had separated Sikandar and Lovely and created trouble in their lives.He calls his men and asks them to light up the auditorium, since he wants to see the stage set on fire. Kulfi and Amyra perform well in the play. Peter tells them that Sikandar has written the play. Sikandar comes on the stage and hugs his daughters. He tells everyone that he has written the play just for his daughters. The goons put the auditorium on fire. Sikandar wants to tell everyone about Kulfi, who is his daughter. When the people see the stage catching the fire, they ask Sikandar to come down.Gunjan is not ready to take her complaint back and is ready to fight it out for Kulfi’s justice.

What more drama and dhamaka will it unfold up next, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes


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