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Luv Kush 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Lav and Kush saying we want to change people’s thinking about Sita. The lady blesses them that they succeed. Lav says I m not losing hope, the people’s silence shows their thinking and dilemma, they will ask themselves. The people talk about Sita getting attracted to Raavan when she stayed there for 10 months. The man hears people’s different opinions. The society’s chief laugh on Lav and Kush’s foolishness. The man comes and says we are becoming fools, everyone is praising the boys and seeing Ram and Sita’s story with a new perception, they can clear the stain on Sita’s character.

The chief says its not a questions but a change sign, we have to stop them, else women may ask for their rights, we can’t lose our customs, the society will be dominated by men, kill those boys and their thinking, they came to change our thinking, end their existence. Lav and Kush struggle to light fire. Wind blows. Lav asks Kush not to worry, they will cook food in some time. Kush says Ram’s house is in front, we can go to him, he will be glad to tell the truth and support us, why shall we wait.

Lav says just think if we tell them about Sita as her sons, they will think we are selfish to change her image, so we have to make them understand truth by hiding our identity. Kush says you always say right. Lav says I also want to meet Ram. Kush says I meet my Gulel a lot. Lav says its good you don’t have it here. They laugh. The men look on. Chief says its Ram Rajya, none should doubt on us, go no. Lav and Kush see some smoke and faint. They get kidnapped. The men tie them up and push them into the lake. Chief says now they will die on their own. Lav and Kush chant Ram’s name. Chief hears this and asks how is this sound coming. He goes to check the lake. Lav and Kush smile seeing Hanuman. Hanuman frees them from the ropes. He gets them out. The men look on and run away. Lav and Kush thank Hanuman for saving them. Hanuman says when you take Siya Ram’s name, I have to come, what are you doing here, who did this with you. Lav says we don’t know. Kush says the ones who don’t want Ram and Sita’s truth to reach the people. Hanuman asks what do you mean.

Lav says Ram proved that he loves Sita a lot. Kush says so we tried to know Ram and Sita’s separation, then we got to know that they won’t unite until society’s thinking change, we have sworn to bring a change in their thinking and unite Ram and Sita. Hanuman thanks them. Kush asks what are you doing, you are the great Hanuman, why are you folding hands to me. Hanuman says I m your devotee if you are Ram’s devotee, you deserve respect. Lav says we are vanvasi, we will stay well here, we are ashamed that we have nothing to feed you. Kush says the food got spoiled, if you come tomorrow, we will arrange food for you.

Hanuman says don’t worry for me, what will you do. Lav says we will drink water. Hanuman says impossible, I will arrange food for you. Kush says sure. Lav says no need. Hanuman says I will just come. He flies off. Kush smiles. Lav asks why did you trouble Hanuman. Hanuman gets food for Lav and Kush from the palace. Ram calls him out. He says I was feeling restless and came for a walk, but what are you doing here, are you having food or taking it for someone else. Hanuman thinks I can’t tell you the truth and can’t lie. He says I m taking food for the little boys, they are hungry. Ram says get them to the palace. Hanuman says no, they are stubborn, they are Rishi kumar, they won’t come, they would feel that the food is sent by their dad. Ram looks on.


Luv Kush 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Lav and Kush ask the people to gather and hear the story. Kush gets angry.


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