Luv Kush 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Lav saying Kush, elders’ scolding has a lesson in it. They come and see the infertile land. The man throws water on the land. He says the water thrown on this land turns into vapours. Sahukar comes and laughs. He jokes on Lav and Kush. Kush says I will decide what to do and how to complete my punishment. Sahukar asks him to work hard, his sweat will melt his anger. Kush asks what if I make this land fertile. Kush takes his bow. He says I don’t need your advice. Lav stops the guards and says I will explain Kush. Kush says I will grow the plants here, I will fulfill this task, I m free to do it any way, I have to accomplish this soon, I have to use my powers and weapons. Sahukar says you can’t use your powers.

Hanuman looks on and thinks you have a big responsibility, you have to unite the family, you will take much time, I have to help you by showing a right path. He takes Sadhu avatar and goes to them. Kush uses his powers. Hanuman looks on and chants Ram’s name. The arrow goes into the sky and spreads into many arrows. Hanuman keeps his hand on a stone. The arrows hit the boulders. Sahukar laughs and says your powers couldn’t break any boulder, what will you do now. Kush says I don’t need anyone’s support.

Kush says I can do this work myself. He shoots another arrow. The boulder doesn’t move. Lav worries. Sahukar and people laugh. Kush uses powers again. Hanuman nullifies Kush’s powers. The people laugh and call Kush powerless. Kush takes the axe and tries to hit the stone. He fails again. He sits down and cries. Lav looks on. The people laugh. Hanuman comes there and gives his hand to Kush.

He says you are making wrong attempt, you have to be good and work hard to complete this task, not by anger, I m just guiding you. Kush says I don’t need your guidance. Hanuman asks him not to be angry, it becomes a reason for destruction. Kush asks will you teach us Ramayan now, Lav and I know it. Hanuman says its good. Kush asks him not to cross his limits, else he will cross his limits of anger. Hanuman says I didn’t come to hurt you. Kush gets angry. Lav says calm down, you have come to work hard, you will lose track, control your anger. Sahukar asks Hanuman not to waste time on the young boys, one get angry and does wrong things, other one explains him. Kush says I may be walking alone, but I will stand firm on my path. Hanuman smiles. He says I have come to help, fine, I will get away from your path. Kush goes. Sahukar says Kush can’t go this way. Lav says Kush is upset, he will come back soon, he won’t go against Ram. He asks Hanuman who are you. Hanuman says you shouldn’t forget who you are. Lav says I know who you are….


Luv Kush 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Kush apologizes to Hanuman for talking to him in loud tone.


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