Luv Kush 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update

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Luv Kush 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Lav and Kush addressing the people and explaining them that the story is true. Lav says Ram had killed Raavan, its the truth. FB shows Sita thanking Jatayu. He asks her not to delay and just go, he is glad to help her, go to Ram. She sees Raavan getting up. She asks Jatayu to just go. Raavan gets up and attacks Jatayu to kill him. Sita holds Jatayu. Raavan gets his ten heads. Sita gets shocked. Sita cries for Jatayu. FB ends. Lav and Kush sing and tell about Raavan killing Jatayu and taking Sita to Raavan in the air chariot. Sita sends her accessories and says I hope this explains Ram about my helplessness. She cries. The birds carry that. The chief signs his man and pays money. The man challenges Lav and Kush.

He says we have understood that you have come here with a motive, I know who has sent you, you are sent here by Sita, I won’t be surprised if Ram is also involved in this, Ram and Sita have planned this, they couldn’t do this work and they are taking support of your innocence, they are playing with our emotions so that we accept Sita again. Lav argues. The man says Hanuman never does anything without Ram’s command, he had come to save you, how did he know that you are in trouble, it can’t happen. Kush says you are crossing your limits, we have one motive, that’s to change the society thinking, we were hurt knowing the injustice with Sita, we promised to stand against the injustice. The man claps and says great, tell me, who are your parents, Guru has a work to teach, but parents are behind our existence. Lav and Kush get silent. The man laughs and insults them.

Kush says you shouldn’t ask us about our parents or past to judge the present. The man says you talk big things, tell me if you have a noble intention. Kush says when you know about my parents, you will be shocked, we are from that Kul…. Lav asks Kush to have patience, what decision they have taken, Ayodhya people will hear the story without knowing about us, so that it doesn’t affect the story. The man says its affected now, you were alerting your brother, we don’t want such people here. The man asks are you not ashamed to mislead us. He says MA is just making you think and feel guilty, we can’t trust these boys. The man says yes, these woman are helpless and will follow anyone, they are like animals. The man asks the other men to take Lav and Kush away. Lav and Kush get caught. The women get helpless. The chief laughs and asks Lav and Kush to return, Hanuman won’t come to help them always. They push Lav and Kush down on the ground. Lav and Kush get angry and get up.


Luv Kush 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Lav and Kush get separated. Lav asks Kush where is he. Kush hides from the man.


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