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Luv Kush 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Lav and Kush getting up. The man asks them to leave and not try to come again. Kush gets angry. Lav tells him that they shouldn’t lose their cool. Kush recalls the man’s words. He throws the Veena. Lav scolds him for insulting Veena, which Sita gave it as a blessing. He says I can’t believe that you can do this, go and lift that Veena. Kush stays angry. Lav cries and says forgive Kush, he is in much pain, he did this to vent anger. He looks for Kush. Kush goes and follows the man. Lav asks where are you Kush. The man goes to see who is following. Kush hides. Lav doesn’t see him and cries. Kush comes to him. Lav asks where did you go. He catches Kush and says you tried to leave me alone, why, remember the promise given to mum, we will always stay together. Kush says we will be together but our parents can’t stay together, our attempts will fail. Lav says promise me, you will never leave me alone in tough situation. Kush promises. He says I didn’t go anywhere leaving you, I found a solution, that man is making the people against us, I followed that man to know why he planned this against us, how does he know what to do to spoil our image, how does he know our weakness, what’s his motive.

Lav says those people tried to harm us, even then you have taken risk. Kush says I was not worried, I have you with me. He tells about following the man. FB shows Kush seeing the man meeting the chief. The chief scolds and insults his wife. She cries. The chief threatens to throw her out of the house. He says its imp to control women. He scolds his daughter also. Kush sees the girl’s husband insulting her. The man says I have made the people against Lav and Kush, they will not come after so much insult, people don’t want to change their thinking. The chief says if the boys cleared Sita’s image, all women will dominate, they shouldn’t know that their life matters, they should depend on us, they have to obey us, they have no right to ask or claim anything, we have to keep this tradition, they will follow us, truth is one which we tell us. He laughs. The chief says this thinking will go on. FB ends.

Lav says that man has won in his motive. Kush says yes, they got what they wanted. Lav says but Kush, what solution did you get. Lav says no, we at least know our enemy, we will join hands with them, I have a plan, we will assure that we are on their side, we regret our doing, when they believe us, we will make situation against them. Lav asks will we pretend friendship and win. Kush says yes, we will trick them. Lav says no, I don’t accept this.

Kush asks why, don’t forget we have come here for a motive, those people are the reason that our mum and dad are living separated. Lav says but they didn’t leave the path of truth, we should stick to their principles. Kush says I don’t accept this. Lav says then you can’t be related to us. Kush asks what did you say. Lav says like we have blood relations, we have to keep same principles, truth and Dharm are the basis of our family, we can’t lie and do wrong, promise me, you will never take support of lies to win your motive. Kush says I can’t promise you, I will just support you, it will happen as you want, until the point I can tolerate this, then we will walk on the path shown by me, motive will be same, our routes will change, just result matters, no one has interest to know how we attain it. He goes. Lav worries. They come back to Ayodhya. Lav says you all want to know truth, but you are scared. The lady says we are worried for your safety. The ladies want to help them. They say our lives were going on and we accepted it. The lady says we want you to think about yourself and go from here.

Kush says we have come to say the story of Mata Sita. The men come to oppose. Lav says we have no weapons, we just have this Veena, music and Valmiki’s Ramayan, you want to show your power on us. Lav says if you don’t get convinced, then we will leave, else you have to let us stay here and read Ramayana, the people think Sita is wrong, there are many birds and animals who know Sita’s purity. The man says you think the birds and animals will testify, if you succeed, then I will let you stay in Ayodhya, you can continue Ramayana. Lav sees the bird flying. The man asks why are you silent now, tell me you accept this. Lav and Kush think. The man asks what will they say, they have no answer for this. Lav says its possible, if the birds don’t praise Sita after hearing the story, then we will leave. The man asks them to start it soon. Lav sees the animals and greets. Kush asks what did you do, how will the animals say. Lav says I didn’t know that you don’t trust Sita’s truth. Kush says I trust her. Lav says I trust her and dad, you have made the stone float in the water by devotion towards Ram, how did your devotion get less.

They start singing the tale of Ram and Sita’s separation. FB shows Ram shouting Sita. Ram hears Jatayu calling out Shri Ram. Ram and Laxman run into the jungle. They see Jatayu hurt. They try to help. Jatayu tells them about Raavan kidnapping Sita. Ram says you have given your life to save Sita. He caresses Jatayu. Jatayu dies. His soul leaves. He says I m sure that you will punish Raavan for his crime. FB ends. The man jokes on the animals. Lav and Kush continue the story.

Sita cries. Raavan takes her to Lanka. He laughs. Laxman says we don’t know in which direction to go. Ram says we have to keep moving. The bird gets Sita’s beads necklace. Ram gets it and says we are going on the right path. Laxman nods.


Luv Kush 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Lav says I m sure our story has influenced even the birds here, give us some sign. The man says no one will tell anything, leave from here. Lav and Kush cry.


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