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Luv Kush 29th November 2019 Episode Start With few boys troubling an old lady. She sees them laughing. She asks are you not tired to do same mischief since years. The boy says you are decorating the house and await Shri Ram since years, you didn’t get tired of that. She says its my devotion, not blind belief, Shri Ram will surely come in my hut. The boy says you got old, use your time. The Sadhu scolds the boys. He says Sabri’s devotion is life and life s devotion, she wants to decorate her hut and welcome Shri Ram, she has no other motive in life, none can affect her motive. He goes. The boys help her and fix the flowers back. Ram and Laxman come to Sabri.

The lady tastes the fruits and gathers. Laxman says I think she is foolish, she is tasting the fruit and keeping it, we can’t get her help. Ram says its not right to decide anything without knowing the motive. Ram greets her and says we lost the way, we want your help. She says sure, wait, I will gather fruits for my Lord. Ram says fine, I shall wait. Laxman looks on. She asks who are you.

Ram says I m finding my wife, but we lost our way, I need your help. She says I will help you, who are you. Ram says I m Dasharath Nandan Ram. She gets shocked. She sees his bright avatar. She drops the fruits basket. Ram holds the basket and asks what happened, are you fine. She says I was waiting for you since years, when you are standing in front of me, how can I stay fine, I know you are going for imp motive, but you are welcome to my hut. Laxman says we don’t have time. Ram says no Laxman, she has spent her life waiting for us, we shall go there. She holds Ram’s feet. He says you are elder to me, don’t touch my feet. She asks him to let her wash his feet.

He says you have already made us emotional by your welcome, your tears have already washed my feet, no need for more service now. She says I will just come. She gets the fruits for him. She says knowing that the fruits aren’t nice, I have got it for you, I m very happy today. She gives him the fruits which she tasted. Laxman asks what’s this, its already eaten. She says yes. Ram happily takes it. She says I have gathered the best fruits for Ram. Laxman asks what’s this devotion, devotee is giving the left over food to Lord. Ram eats the fruits. He smiles. He says don’t see the bhog, if its eaten already, look at her true devotion, she did this so that I don’t eat sour fruits, so she tasted all the fruits, think how many sour fruits she had eaten to gather these sweet fruits, its the sweetest fruits for me. He eats it. She smiles. She says I want to tell you, Sugreev will help you, he is Vanar Raj. She guides them.

Ram thanks her. She says I m glad to meet you. He says your devotion will always be remembered, always stay blessed. FB ends. Lav and Kush sing further. FB shows Sita calling out Ram. She wakes up and sees some Asur women coming. She asks them to stay away. She takes a stick. She fights all of them. Mandodari looks on. The Asur women surround Sita. Sita says I said, don’t come close. Shurpanakha comes there laughing. She says my brother kidnapped you to take revenge on Ram, you will always be captive here, your life will be without your husband.

Sita says Ram will come to make you all cry and punish you, Raavan didn’t kidnap me to take revenge, you are mistaken. Shurpanakha praises Raavan. She says its impossible that Ram comes here. Sita says Ram is my belief, Ram will purify this Lanka, he will come and ruin Raavan, its a wife’s belief, Raavan has invited his end by getting me by cheat here, you think my fate is to become Raavan’s Daasi, no, its Raavan’s bad fate when he had touched me with his dirty hands, he will be dying by Ram’s hands, if you want a chance, go and explain your brother, there is still time, if he returns me to Ram and apologizes, his life can get saved, else your nose was cut on your misbehavior, Raavan’s Adharm may lead the entire Lanka people and Raavan’s ten heads to get beheaded. A thunder strikes all the Asur women. Mandodari looks on. FB ends.

Lav and Kush sing further. They see the animals gathering. The women cry. Lav says I m sure that our story has influenced all the animals here. He asks the animals to express their opinion. He says give us some sign. The man laughs and says your story is complete, just go now, don’t come again. He jokes on Lav and Kush. Lav says I think my belief failed. Kush asks him not to lose hope. He takes Sita’s name. A parrot says Jai. They smile. The man says its nothing like that. Lav asks again. The birds and animals chant along Sita’s name. Lav and Kush smile. The people look on.

Lav asks did you see the proof. Kush says everyone is praising Sita, if Sita was wrong, then how would this happen, do you want any more proof, tell me. The man says I don’t know how is this happening, whoever had sent the boys to change Sita’s image is powerful, we should go. Lav says we have won the challenge, the birds have proved Sita’s purity, you will allow us to enter Ayodhya and recite Ramayana.

Lav and Kush enter Ayodhya. The people talk about the miracle. The chief asks why did you allow them to enter Ayodhya. The man says they made this possible, the birds and animals were chanting Sita’s name. The chief says I think the boys are Mayavi, we will need magic to defeat them. A parrot comes and asks for food. Kush comes and says I didn’t get any food today, the ladies want to support us but they are scared of men. He recalls the lady willing to give Bhiksha and stopping when the man asks her to go inside the house.

Kush says we want to change their thinking, but its tough, their hearts didn’t change for Sita, we should go now. Lav calms him down. He asks did you go to kaki. Kush says yes, she refused to help. Lav and Kush come to Kaki and ask for Bhiksha, since she has much devotion towards Sita. Her husband stops and scolds her. He says you have no right on the food. She says I will feed the kids, I don’t want your help, I will do my work on own. She goes to get some work. She asks will you give me some food, I have some guests at home, I need to serve them food. He man says I m hurt, some insect has bitten my foot, sure. She gets tired and prepares the mud for the pottery. Kush says we should help her. Lav says no, its not necessary to help to support, we can just see her determination. The man gives some food to the lady.

She gets the food for Lav and Kush. Her husband scolds her. Kush thanks her for whatever she did for them. He says don’t worry, you took this step and showed women power, all the women will make their identity in the male dominated society. The chief meets a Mayavi and asks what’s this cage, we heard a lot about you. Mayavi says its not just an empty cage, it has my magic in it, not everyone can see it. He throws some color into the cage. It disappears. He throws a hen. It also disappears. He says you want your problem to end this way. The chief says yes. He sees the angry bull inside the cage.


Luv Kush 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : The chief sees Lav and Kush. He throws the colors on the bull. He frees the bull. Lav and Kush get shocked.


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