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Luv Kush 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Lav and Kush singing the Sundarkand and Ramayana story. FB shows Hanuman using his powers on the long river. All the vanars get big boulders. They throw it. Hanuman runs and breaks all the boulders into small rocks. Jamvanth asks are you ready to gain your powers, its just you who got these powers. Hanuman says yes. He flies off and smiles. He comes back and lands. Angad and everyone chant his name. FB ends. The people chant Hanuman and Ram’s name.

Kush continues playing the veena. Lav and kush sing. Ram comes to the balcony. Ram and Laxman also take disguise of commoners and go to hear Ramayana from Lav and Kush. Ram and Laxman come there and look on. Ram cries seeing Lav and Kush. Everyone gets emotional. Hanuman asks Lav to take the story ahead of Sundarkund. Lav says after recognizing his great powers, Hanuman had the big aim of crossing the river. FB shows Hanuman saying I m sure to cross this giant river. He chants Ram’s name and flies off. Everyone looks on. FB ends. Lav sings the story. Ram smiles. FB shows Hanuman seeing a mountain emerging. The ParvatRaj Dev asks him to take rest for some time, so that his energy and powers, the river Devtas have sent him. Hanuman says I have promised Ram that I will find Sita, I will still accept your request and land on your mountain. He steps on the mountain and goes ahead. FB ends. Lav says Hanuman’s next challenge was tough, Naag mata Sursa, Devtas had sent her to test Hanuman’s smartness and powers.

FB shows. Naagmata Sursa catches Hanuman. She says someone has come after a long time, I will eat you well. He asks her to say who is she. She says I m Naagmata Sursa. He says I m going on Ram’s command, move off my way, leave me free. She asks him to just become her food, none can cross her and go. He says fine, I can’t deny this. She opens her mouth. He goes inside her mouth and comes out. He says Devi, I have completed your task, now allow me to leave. She comes to Devi avatar and says I came here to test you on Devtas’ command, you passed in it, I bless you. She disappears. He flies ahead. FB ends.

Lav says Hanuman understood that every battle can’t be won by powers, but by smartness, there was another test ahead, Rakshasi Singhika. FB shows… Hanuman fails to go ahead. He says what’s happening. He sees Rakshaki laughing. He says you are hindering my way, leave me. She says you can’t go ahead, you and your shadow are mine now. She laughs. He recalls Ram’s words. She catches him and eats. He goes inside her stomach and chants Ram’s name. He takes the giant form and hits her stomach. She gets hurt and screams. He bursts her stomach and goes out to fly. FB ends. Lav says Singhika was just a sign of coming dangers, Hanuman left every tension behind and moved on, he had won over Singhika and flew to Lanka, he realized that he has reached Raavan’s Lanka. Hanuman thinks to take a new disguise so that none gets alert of him. He lands there and says Mata Sita, your Hanuman has come, Raavan’s down counting begins. FB ends. Everyone hears the story and smiles.

Nagarseth comes to meet some Asur lady. He says Lav and Kush will soon succeed if you don’t do anything now, I hope you will appear in front of me. The Asur lady appears. She says I will never let them succeed.

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