Luv Kush 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Lav thinking about Kush. Hanuman follows. Lav says Kush had shot the arrows, which would have done the impossible, but his arrows couldn’t break a stone, then you had come to guide us, it means you are our mentor, who comes to us in any form and helps us, you are Hanuman, give me your Darshan in your real form. Hanuman says I was right, you never lose your patience and sense. He comes to his real form.

Lav greets and asks him to show him way to guide Kush. Kush shoots arrows and tests his powers. The place catches fire. Kush says my powers weren’t gone, what happened there, I felt like someone snatched my powers, this has hurt my self respect, I have behaved so badly with that noble man. Lav says Acharya ji should have not questioned us, I will ask him the difference between his and our perception on Ramayan. Kush says we can’t tell him any bad thing. Lav says you know me well, I don’t fall in anything immature. Hanuman says they have come.

The people ask Hanuman to tell about Ramayana. Hanuman sings Ramayan katha. Hanuman, Jamvanth and Angad look for Sita. They think where is Sita. Angad says I will give up my life. Hanuman says no, we have to keep trying. They get attacked by an Asur. Asur bird comes to eat all of them.

Jamvansh says you are going to eat us, one of your bird clan Jatayu gave his life while saving Sita. The bird drops all of them and asks what did you say. Jamvansh says Jatayu fought Raavan and died. The bird cries and says Jatayu was my brother, he died. The bird says I loved Jatayu a lot, I got my wings burnt to save him from sun. The bird Sampati says Sita is in Lanka, its very far from here, I would have taken you if I was much strong. Hanuman says its fine, Jamvansh will cross the river. Jamvanth says no, I m not that young and energetic to cross the river in one jump. Angad says I can go, but I don’t have courage to come back. Hanuman says fine, then I will go to Lanka, I will fulfill my promise to Ram.

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