Luv Kush 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Hanuman jumping in the river to cross it. He falls down. Jamvanth asks him to control his anger else he won’t realize his powers. Everyone asks him to focus. FB ends. Kush asks did Hanuman lose his powers. Hanuman says yes, anger does this, why are you so surprised, you also didn’t use powers because of anger. Kush thinks of the moment. Hanuman says one loses senses in anger and then there is just regret and guilt.

He says Jamvanth made Hanuman realize his mistake. FB shows Jamvanth giving powers to Hanuman and making him visualize Maruti. Hanuman learns Maruti’s tale. Maruti loves mangoes. He sees the sun and thinks I will eat this juicy mango. The guard of Lord Indra tries to stop Maruti. Maruti says I will eat this mango. The guard to tell Indra about the boy. Maruti goes to hold the sun. Indra comes and shouts stop. Maruti is about to eat the sun. Indra strikes him. Maruti falls down. His dad sees him and gets angry on Indra. He scolds Indra. Pavandev angrily stops the air on the wind.

Brahmadev comes and asks him not to punish the entire world. He returns a life to Maruti. Maruti hugs his bad. Brahmadev says Maruti will be called Hanuman from now. Pavandev releases the air balance on the earth. FB ends. Hanuman chants the story ahead. FB shows Hanuman going to have fruits. Sadhu stops him from eating the fruit. Hanuman asks them to answer his questions. He asks tough questions. The sadhu says we have no answers, you can’t eat this. Hanuman eats the fruits. Sadhu gets angry and scolds him. He curses that he will forget his powers, you won’t be able to use the powers unless you get inspired by a pure heart person. FB ends. Hanuman says the curse was proved like a blessing. He says I hope I didn’t make any mistake in Sundarkand, tell me, what did you learn from Ramayana story. Kush recalls Lav, Sita and Ram’s words.

Lav asks Kush to answer. Kush says we learnt a lesson that person shouldn’t forget his reality, else it ruins his senses. Hanuman smiles. Kush says I was wrong because of my anger. He takes the plough for the fields. Hanuman nods. Kush says we shall start this new chapter. Lav says sure. Sahukar thinks to inform Nagarseth.


Luv Kush 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sahukar says Lav and Kush worked hard and made the land fertile, people want to hear Sundarkand. Nagarseth meets someone who doesn’t want Ram and Sita to unite.


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