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Luv Kush 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Sita warning Raavan against coming close to her. She gets a tree bark and says I will kill you. Raavan apologizes and laughs. He asks are you trying to stop me with this small bark. He lifts a tree and shows his strength. He throws the tree and says I have thrown the tree, you are scaring me with this bark. He asks Mandodari to keep silent. Sita sits praying. Raavan hears a voice. He gets cursed if he tries to harm any woman. He gets back. He says if I want, I can take you from here and make you my wife but I won’t do this, you want to wait for Ram, you do that, the day will come when your belief breaks, you will come to me yourself and accept me. Sita cries. He goes. She asks Ram to come and save her. She chants Ram’s name. FB ends.

Lav and Kush tell the story and ask the people without whom is Ramayan incomplete. The people say Hanuman ji. They tell about Hanuman and Ram’s meet. FB shows Ram getting the beads. Sugreev and RikshRaj are in the jungle. The vanar tells him about Ram and Laxman. Sugreev says go and stop them from coming here, they are sent by Bali, test their powers. Ram and Laxman get attacked by the vanars. Ram gets hurt. Laxman gets angry and shoots arrows at them. The vanar says they attacked us, many vanars got injured. Sugreev says no one can hurt my vanar sena, go and attach them. Ram says we haven’t come here to battle, we have to go ahead, stop. RikshRaj says just one of them is attacking. Sugreev says yes, but they are attacking our Praja. RikshRaj says one Rishikumar is attacking the vanar sena, other one is stopping him, they aren’t ordinary. Sugreev says how would we find out. RikshRaj says just he can find it.

Hanuman is seen worshipping. Ram says I felt that our well wisher is coming to us, he is close, he will come in front of us. Riksh Raj says Hanuman, just you can sort this out, find out the solution, why did they come to the jungle. Hanuman says I will go there and come. Laxman asks Ram to let him fight. Hanuman comes there as a Sadhu. Ram and Hanuman see each other. Ram greets him. Hanuman sees his arm bleeding. He says I want to do the aid to your hand. He does the aid and asks who are you. Ram thanks him. He says we are ordinary yatri, vanar got scared seeing us. Hanuman says you don’t know ordinary, every yatri have an aim, where are you going. Ram says we are going towards Lanka to rescue my wife from evil Raavan, he kidnapped her. Hanuman asks Raavan? Ram cries. Hanuman says if Raavan is your enemy, then you can’t be ordinary. Laxman says right, Ram is Dasharath’s son Shri Ram. Hanuman says Shri Ram… and cries.

Laxman says I will tell you about our vanvas, Ram is fulfilling his dad’s promise, our vanvas was completing, but Raavan kidnapped Sita. Hanuman says but Hanuman got to meet his life’s aim. He greets Ram and comes to his real avatar. Ram and Laxman see him. Ram hugs him.


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