Luv Kush 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Luv Kush 8th January 2020 Episode Start With Hanuman beating everyone. Asur minister screams. Raavan asks Meghnada why isn’t he informed about the battle happening. The soldier comes and tells about Hanuman attacking Ashok vatika. Raavan asks how did this happen. The soldier says he said he is Ram messenger Hanuman. Raavan gets angry. The soldier says he has come to alert you about Ram.

Raavan starts laughing hearing the warning of destruction. He says when I m blessed by Mahadev, a vanar will ruin me. He says I will give him such an answer that he will not try to send anyone in Lanka. He asks his Jambu and ministers to not just agree with him, but also do some work, end the discussion time and attack time starts now, go and get that Vanar in front of me.

Mandodari says its against ethics to attack a messenger. He says if a woman has reminded me this ethic, then I will not obey the rule, I will not walk on the path shown by a woman. He kills the soldier, who is also a messenger. He laughs and says this messenger and rule is also finished, no such rule will be followed, get that Vanar in front of me. Meghnada chants his name. Sita says Hanuman, you have put yourself in big danger, just go. Hanuman says Raavan has put himself in danger by kidnapping you. He sits eating fruits. Asur says King has sent chosen many Asurs to defeat you.

Sita says I hope your blind belief is proved wrong even today. She sees Hanuman gone. Asur laughs and says he has run away. Sita says where are you Hanuman. Asurs look for him. Hanuman sits on the tree and laughs. He comes down. He throws the banana peels and makes them fall down. He says listen to me carefully, my stomach is full now, I want to rest, attack me together, so that I beat all of you together and then take rest. The man says you will rest forever when Raavan kills you. They attack Hanuman.

The Asur says you won’t get saved now. Asur shoots the arrow. Hanuman blows the wind. The Asur gets shot and comes to Raavan. He bleeds. He apologizes to Raavan and dies. Raavan gets angry. Raavan’s son Akshay Kumar says this vanar seems to be big warrior, he attacked our army, our enemies will think that we are weak, I will kill that vanar and send his dead body as a gift to Ram, so that Ram knows our strength, the result of challenging Raavan.

Raavan says son Akshay Kumar, I give you a chance to prove your talents. Hanuman sleeps. Akshay comes and asks where is that vanar. Hanuman wakes up. Akshay asks him to surrender. He gives him a final warning. Hanuman says I m fed up of the warning, my time is precious, better you get Raavan here. Akshay scolds him. He says I will kill you and teach a lesson to Ram. He attacks Hanuman. Hanuman fights him. Sita smiles and chants Ram’s name. The fight continues. Hanuman kills him. Mandodari and Raavan shout no… and cry for Akshay’s death. Raavan says Ram has to pay a price for this.


Luv Kush 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Hanuman fights Meghnada. He burns the entire Lanka.


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