Main Hoon Aparajita 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Aparajita comes to her laundry shop. She starts with the pooja. A man comes there and says I want to talk to the owner of the shop, I am a manager from a hotel. Aparajita says yes, you can tell me, I am the owner. The manager says I didn’t know that. Aparajita says you thought it would be a man?

I have owned this laundry shop for 15 years. The manager says my boss’s niece is getting married today and some guests mistakenly stained their clothes so I want you to clean them by 5 PM today. Aparajita says just show me. The manager asks if she will do it alone? Aparajita says I have 3 daughters so I am not alone. Don’t worry.

Aparajita’s daughters are introduced.. Disha says I missed the alarm, I have to rush for the exam now. Disha talks to her younger sister Ashu, she says I just want to go and find my results. I am sure I will get admission in a good college. Their elder sister Chavi is scared of the results.

Aparajita meets her young worker Kofran and asks him to help her.

The daughters are leaving the house but Dadi stops them. She says you all are late today. Disha says I am excited, you know my son passed the exams nicely. Disha says but he was not a good man so he left us but we will have good results so don’t worry.

Disha is trying to catch an auto but Aparajita comes there with her van. She tells Ashu that you will come on top so don’t worry. Aparajita tries to start her van but can’t. Dadi says be careful, you should have changed this van. Aparajita says this van has always supported us, don’t worry.

Aparajita brings her kids to the college. She gives them her lunch and asks them to go. They hug her and leave. Chavi gives her food back t to Aparajita and says I have a headache. Aparajita says you want a medicine? Are you worried about your result? She gives half of her food to her.

She sits with her and says don’t worry about the results. Chavi says if I fail this time then Disha will be in the same class as me, what will people think? Aparajita says don’t worry, just pray to God and he will help you. Chavi hugs her and leaves. Aparajita wishes luck to her daughters and smiles. She recalls how her husband left her when her kids her just kids. How she pleaded him to not leave but he never listened.

A neighbor Bappi comes to Aparajita’s house and says I am sure Chavi failed again, if she had a father then she wouldn’t fail like this. She says your husband left you for someone else but it’s not your fault. She asks Aparajita to get Chavi married, I can find a good guy for her. Aparajita says my Asha and Disha passed the exames with flying colors.

She says my daughters will become something before marrying and serving others. Bappi says you wash clothes of others so don’t talk about serving. Aparajita says we clean up mess of others so don’t worry. Bappi says just be careful as your daughters are without a father. Aparajita looks on.

Aparajita comes to the shop and Kofran tells her that he couldn’t wash the manager’s clothes, I am sorry. Disha says we don’t even have electricity. Aparajita says don’t worry, we will all work together and use our hands. They all work on washing the clothes and help each other. Kofran starts ironing the clothes. Aparajita’s daughters help her. The electricity comes back so Chavi irons more clothes. Aparajita takes the order and drives away.

Chavi is in the car with Disha and Asha, some cheap men follow them on their bike. They keep teasing Chavi and asks her to come with them, you are hot. Disha gets angry and stops the van. She takes a stick and is about to beat them but Asha stops her and says we have to deliver the clothes so let’s go.

The goons say you have a lot of anger, is your mother the same way that’s why your father left you? You are all hot but your mother might not have been that’s why your father left you. Disha gets angry and breaks their bike, she shouts to not say a word for my mother. She was never wrong. She cries to Asha and Chavi hug her.

Aparajita is at the hotel, the manager says I told you we need the clothes by 5 PM. Aparajita says my daughters are bringing the clothes. The manager says you can’t even handle your daughters, I won’t spare you if they are more late. Disha and others come there with the clothes. They say sorry to the manager, he asks them to leave.

Aparajita asks Disha why did you get late? Asha says some goons were teasing Chavi and they were ill-talking to Disha broke their bike. Disha stops her from saying more. Aparajita says it’s okay, let’s go home.

Aparajita comes to the home with her daughters. Asha goes to get some chocolates. Aparajita talks to Dadi and says I know what might have triggered Disha today, their childhood trauma is still following them. Disha is filled with anger and Chavi has become silent. Chavi’s birthday is tomorrow so her father will call her and her heart will break again.

A man comes back to town after years, Asha hits him with a cycle mistakenly and says I am sorry. The man asks for an address, she tells him and leaves.

Asha comes back home and tells Aparajita that the weather is romantic today. I saw a handsome man outside the colony. Aparajita laughs and says don’t say all that.

There is a storm starting so Aparajita comes to the window and enjoys the rain. She is about to close the door but she sees the man outside her house and is shocked to realize it’s her husband who left her years ago. He asks how are you? He sees her wearing mangalsutra still. He tries to enter her house but she stops him and says your shoes are dirty. He takes off his shoes.

Aparajita asks how come you are here suddenly? He says I had some work and thought to celebrate Chavi’s birthday before leaving. Aparajita recalls how Chavi used to cry for him. The man says you are in my way. He enters the house and says nothing has changed in the years. I will stay here for some days and spend time with the kids.

Aparajita says call me with my name. She asks him to sit in the lounge, I will bring a towel for you. He asks what are you trying to do? Aparajita says you are an outsider so stay here. He says this is my house. Aparajita says I still remember everything. The flashback shows how he told her that their marriage is not valid as she was underage when they married and he had someone else in his life. he left her for that woman.


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