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Manmohini 23rd November 2019 Episode Start With Both Shiv and Ananya leave their beds, shocked. Ananya was frustrated and asks why he is always stalking her. Shiv shuts her mouth and drags her besides a wall. They share an eye lock. Shiv says common sense doesn’t seem to be common here. Her bed was with the stairs, did she see him coming; this means he was here before Ananya had come.

Sunanda celebrates the darkening moon and dances around the room. Kamal wakes up asking what happened. Sunanda comes to rub his forehead caressingly and makes him sleep again. She thinks soon she will get rid of them all, as Ananya and Shiv will soon be one.

The next morning, Sunanda comes to the mirror and boastfully laughs over her youth. She still got the ability to attract men. She takes the special testing needle and tucks it with her saree. Amma ji calls Sunanda to present the breakfast to Shiv. Sunanda replies she will be there soon. She says it will now be easy to take the blood from Shiv. Ananya comes from behind and says she won’t let Sunanda do this.

On the breakfast table, Ananya insists her mother won’t work for their guest now. She will take the breakfast herself. Sunanda tries to take the tray, but Ananya asserts she will take it. On the way, Ketki tries to stop Ananya and says she must be drooling over that young man. Ananya says she is Ananya, and won’t even look towards him. In the room, Shiv stands for Ananya. She presents him the breakfast Dadi sent. It was a bowl full of green chilies and says he deserves this only. Shiv takes the chilly and eats them in front of Ananya. Ananya feels uncomfortable. Sunanda comes to the room and scolds Ananya. She sends Ananya to bring sweet for the guest. She joins her hands to Shiv, as her Ananya is good at heart. She requests him not to take her daughter’s complaint to Amma ji, then fell into his feet and leaves the needle in his shoes. The needle pricks Shiv’s foot. Shiv was apologetic to Sunanda and says he doesn’t care for all this mischief. Sunanda silently thinks he is the son of a lioness, he can never be annoyed by minor mischief. Sunanda removes the needle from the shoe and hurries to her room. She was about to dip the blood filled needle in the sand bottle. Rekha comes to the room and drags Sunanda for house chores. The pin had fallen on the floor.

Ananya comes to the room and finds the needle. She wonders what a strange needle this is. The needle pricks Ananya’s hand. She drops the needle and leaves outside. Sunanda returns to the room, and soaks the needle in the sand. The vessel disappears at once. Sunanda cries and mourns that she wasted the vessel after an ordinary man. How she will prove the identity of her Mann now. She furiously drops the pots, then stands up in determination; it’s her shrewdness which kept her alive. She dials a number and wanted to meet the other person.

Shiv comes downstairs. Ananya hits him and asks why he is after her all the time. Shiv complains that it was Ananya who placed a needle in his shoe. Ananya says it was Shiv behind her. He stood under her tap, then in temple, during the accident, and then the cat incident; none must have stalked someone as much. Shiv was quizzical which of their life’s thread is connected. He was about to slip due to a painful foot. Ketki comes to support him. Ananya sends Ketki to get her bag ready, college won’t walk to them.

Sunanda was doing the house chores hurriedly. Amma ji discuss with Rekha about the news methods of robbery these days. Ananya comes there and convince Dadi of her suspicions for Shiv. Ketki takes Ananya to leave for Shiv. Outside, Ananya spots Shiv struggling to start his bike. She thinks about asking lift from him.


Manmohini 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ananya forcefully sits with Shiv on his scooter. She places her hand over his shoulder.


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