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Manmohini 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Ananya decides to get her task done now and reach college with his help. She stops Shiv’s scooter, and says he lives at her house, eats there as well; he must drop her to college now. He owes a lot to them as well. Shiv says he is getting late for office, Ananya says he must have thought this earlier and gets on the scooter. A flower vendor comes to bless their couple. Ananya was offended. Shiv stares at her for a while. As he revs up, Ananya places her hand over his shoulder. Shiv watches her in the rear view mirror. Ketki watches Ananya with Shiv on the scooter and curses herself for never showing any interest in studies and college.

Sunanda calls someone, promising to bring the money and demanding 20 years Kundli in return. She stuffs the Pooja thaal with the bunch of money. Amma ji stops her and drags her to the kitchen. Sunanda thinks it’s of utmost importance for her to find Mann in his 25th year, else she might lose him forever. She goes to hide the money before someone spots it.

At night, Mishra ji was playing Ludo with his family. He warns everyone against Shiv who sits as a snake around Nani’s neck. Before he gets hold of Nani, they need to kill him. Ketki says he will handle Shiv, and take care of him well.

There, Shiv was restless in his room thinking about Ananya.

Sunanda rubs lotion on her hand cursing her luck. She wish it was her Mann, and not the guest.
Shiv leaves his room. Ananya wakes up from the noise of a falling bottle. She recalls Amma ji telling them the stories of thieves in city. She holds a wooden stick in her hand and goes into the corridor.
Shiv was bent over the fridge when Ananya hits the back of his head. He holds his hand as punch. Sunanda watches this from the room door. Ananya was concerned that he must be hit badly and hurt. She forcefully turns him to check if he is hurt and touches his head. Sunanda thinks Shiv is turning into a head ache now. Their fights, and now care will turn into love. Ananya belongs to her Shiv only, she must end the love story of Shiv-Ananya.

Next morning, Ananya calls Sunanda with her eyes closed. Sunanda comes to the room. Ananya opens her eyes to Sunanda and gulps the tea Sunanda brought for her. Sunanda says its better Ananya leaves her habit else her mother in law would never be happy. They laugh together. Sunanda says what if Ananya has already liked someone who is ready to stay here. Ananya understands what Sunanda is directed to. She says that guy isn’t worth her, she only holds Sunanda and Panday and Son’s sweets important. Sunanda thinks there will be someone important to her, who would take her life; it will be her Mann. She apologizes Ananya and says there are two young girls in the house and Amma ji brought the guy. Amma ji stood at the room door irked. She says she will teach good lesson to Sunanda and will cut her hair.

Rekha was having breakfast with her kids. They watch Sunanda running ahead of Amma ji, Ananya protecting her mother while Ketki and Rahul holds her. Amma ji grabs Sunanda and was about to cut the braid. Ananya saves her mother. Sunanda hurries into her room and bolts the door. Amma ji threatens from outside she will cut her braid and neck both if she says another word for her Shiv. Sunanda thinks no one disgraced her in years this way. She wish her Mann reaches her soon.

In the evening, Shiv walks to someone on phone. He then comes to sit with Ananya. He says it seems the world is motionless, can she digest such peace. Ananya says Shiv will never understand her pain. He would never know what a child goes through when a mother is being wronged. Shiv recalls the death of his parents. Ananya says nothing is important for a child than his mother. Shiv recalls his mother’s care for him. Ananya says her mother is an Aladdin who fulfils all her wishes; while she stands helpless for her. Shiv recollects his mother fighting for him and says one must never accept defeat till the very end. Ananya grabs Shiv’s collar and blames him for the unrest. She recognizes the locket in his neck and feels afraid of him.

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