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Manmohini 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Ananya threatens to get Shiv kidnap, while holding his collar. Both share a deep eye lock. Ananya tells Shiv to go back to his Mummy if he really miss her.

In the room, Shiv watches the photo of his parents. He says he must surely have gone back if his parents were in the world. That witch snatched his parents from him. He wipes his tears and thinks he promised to never cry for his parents. He thinks of the dream about Ananya’s murder. He wonders why that witch is now behind Ananya. No matter what, he can’t let the curse on his family ruin Ananya’s life. He won’t leave Ananya alone anymore.

Mishra ji brings milk for Sunanda while she was in her room. Mishra ji says it’s his responsibility to take care of her in absence of Kamal, then complements her beauty and would decorate her as some show piece in a corner of the house. Sunanda was irked and suggests about going to Amma ji for permission then. Mishra ji laughs that he would also tell Amma ji that Sunanda and her daughter were in jail. But he won’t tell anyone if Sunanda becomes his friend. After he had left, Sunanda wish Ananya and Mann get united once, then she will see his friendships.

Ananya had a nightmare that a man with a locket comes to murder her with a dagger. She wakes up and turns the lamps on. The same locket was there on her bed. She wonders where this Rudhraksh (locket) came in her bed. If her dreams are real?

Amma ji brings Ketki and Rahul downstairs. Shiv was looking for the necklace in the hall. Ananya comes outside the room and decides to speak to Mummy about the locket of her nightmares. She comes downstairs. Dadi tells Ananya that Shiv lost his locket, it was very expensive. Ananya thinks if Shiv is the one who wants to kill her. Dadi tells Ananya to find Shiv’s Rudhraksh. Shiv asks Dadi to go and take some rest, he will find it tomorrow morning. Dadi turns around and slips near the couch. Shiv comes to help her while she shouts at Rahul and Ketki. She tells Shiv to go and take rest, she will get his Rudhraksh.

In the kitchen, Ananya wonders if dreams ever come true. If Shiv is really the one behind her life. She turns around to see Shiv standing at her room door, with a knife in his hand. Ananya was terrified and asks what he is doing here. He comes inside, quizzical and asks if Ananya is fine. Ananya pushes Shiv away and runs to Sunanda’s room. Sunanda asks why Ananya is terrified and trembling. Ananya says she had a dream again. Sunanda thinks about inquiring Ananya and asks could she see a face, or place in the dream. Sunanda qualifies she is only concerned for her daughter, and would go to the place and talk to that person. Ananya was afraid and wonders why she has such dreams. Sunanda hugs Ananya and caresses her, then sends her to the room. Ananya leaves. Sunanda thinks these dreams will soon come true, it’s her Mann’s 25th year and he will soon kill her in the same manner.
Ananya goes to the corridor and thinks it was good she didn’t tell mummy, she was already so tensed.
Shiv recalls the rudhraksh was last gift from his father for his protection.

Sunanda was talking to someone on phone when Mishra ji caught her.

The next morning, Amma ji reads news of robbery in the city. Shiv comes downstairs, touches the feet of Dadi. She blesses him. Shiv asks about his locket, and requests to keep it safe. Dadi assures she will surely keep it safe. Ketki brings a lunch box for Shiv she cooked herself. Shiv thanks Ketki and says it’s alright, he will eat from office. Ketki forces him to take it. Shiv leaves awkwardly. Ketki recalls writing I love you note. Ananya watched this from upstairs and says she must have been extremely greedy in her past lives. She decides to go and look around in Shiv’s room.

In the room, Ananya finds the photo of Shiv’s parents. Shiv stood behind Ananya and says she may search his room, he hasn’t stolen anything from her. Ananya turns to leave the room. Shiv’s locket fell from her hand on the floor. Ananya stammers sorry and moves towards her. Ananya backs up saying Sorry and holding her ears. Shiv stares at intensely

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