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Manmohini 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Shiv tells Ananya that his body has been burning, it is unable to bear the sunlight after he had turned to Satan.

Sunanda goes outside to check what is happening. Amma ji stops her as Shiv and Ananya had married against their family’s wish.

Ananya prays for a solution. She covers Shiv with her Chunri and drags him inside. They come into the house while being covered under a single chunri. Everyone in the house was astonished to see them walk shamelessly to their room. Sunanda was quizzical of such a behavior.

In the room, Ananya shuts the door and windows of their room. She now pulls off Shiv’s shoes and sits to apply ointment on Shiv’s arms. He flinches out of pain and felt uneasy. Ananya cries due to his pain, then thinks about calling Dai Maa and take her suggestion. She dials Dai Maa’s number from Shiv’s call. Dai Maa takes the call. Ananya speaks to Dai Maa. Dai Maa was happy talking to Shiv. Ananya tells Dai Maa about the happenings in forest and then burning of Shiv’s skin. Dai Maa asks if she applied any ointment. Ananya cries and says she did everything. Dai Maa requests her for some time while she can find some treatment. Ananya looks around for some remedy while being extremely terrified. Shiv had fallen faint. Ananya records a message for Shiv and tells him not to open the door for anyone. She opens the curtains to jump out of the window. Shiv’s body reacted, Ananya tells him to get away while she will have to go by the window.

In the Shiv ji’s temple, Ananya kneels and prays to Mahadev for any remedy. She understands she will be killed by her husband, but she can’t see Shiv in pain. She has been acting to have married Shiv only so that she can live close to him.

Shiv comes to the mirror. He thinks if Mohini watches his condition she would know his truth. He must protect himself from her in any case. Rekha, Mishra ji and others had come to knock the door. Shiv recalls Ananya had played a message. It said, this is their private time. Sunanda calls Kamal to come and get the door opened.

Ananya was in the temple. A yatri passing by stops and tells Ananya he can read her clear her, he suggests her to bathe the Shivling and as it gets cool, her Shiv’s body will cool down. Ananya wonders how this is possible. An old man comes to Baba that he has presented 21 packs of milk in the feet of Shivling. Baba says Ananya’s tomorrow seems to be bright. Ananya spots a trishol and charges at Baba. The yatri was ready to pay Rs. 3100 to Ananya which he had taken from the old man. She makes the yatri leave, then gets into Mahadev’s feet. She was crying. A lady comes to console Ananya and says all her remedies are with God. Ananya looks up and at once spots the Rudraksh. She recalls Shiv’s Rudraksh had broken and she needs to return it to Shiv.

Sunanda tries to peek into the room through a slit of open window. Shiv was alert that Mohini is trying to get a glance and shuts the window pane. He locks the door once again. Kamal returns home. Everyone from the family complains him. Kamal shouts at them to open the door, then orders Rahul to break the door. Shiv was tensed and calls Ananya wondering how to calm their anger. Ananya jumps into the room and finds Shiv in terrible pain. She was tensed as Rahul continuously strikes at the door. Ananya looks for Shiv’s Rudraksh and asks him. Shiv didn’t know about it. Ananya prays to find the Rudraksh. She spots it lying on the floor besides the table. She puts the Rudraksh in his neck so that he is relieved. Ananya ties the Rudraksh but Shiv gets an electric jolt and fell back. Ananya tries once again but Shiv fell on the floor with another jolt. Ananya felt helpless while her family was attempting to break the door with continuity.

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