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Manmohini 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Ananya was terrified and apologizes Shiv who stared towards her. She then spots a jug of water, pushes Shiv away from herself and throws water on him. Shiv recalls his mother taught him to take a bath of cold water whenever he is angry.

Ananya walks to the temple corner and wonders why God always testifies her.

There, Shiv bathes himself with a pot of cold water, repeating the Mantar taught by his mother. He thinks he can’t kill Ananya under the curse on his family.

Ananya pours water in the temple. She was determined to face Shiv even if he wants to kill her. She isn’t afraid of any situation.

Shiv says he must fight himself, and protect himself and Ananya from the ill shadows of the witch. After all he is the son of that witch.

Sunanda was washing clothes. Amma ji brings Shiv’s clothes. Sunanda says these clothes are pressed already. Amma ji ruins the iron, and says Shiv gets his clothes from outside while Sunanda is present as the daughter in law of the house. She should stop treating him as an outsider. Sunanda says the neighbors have been laughing that in presence of two young girls in the house, they have kept a stranger.

Mishra ji sprinkles some detergent on the stairs. Sunanda slips off the stairs and thinks she must teach him a good lesson. She throws all the clothes over Mishra Ji, and poses being innocent. Mishra ji promises to help Sunanda. Sunanda takes Mishra ji upstairs and tells him to start over. She shows off a few moves while pushing the soap bar in front of Mishra ji. He slips in front of her. Sunanda goes to keep an eye on stairs while setting Mishra ji to work.

At night, Ananya was restlessly waiting for Shiv. Shiv comes home. Ananya says she had to apologize him. Shiv was astonished. Ananya says when she is mistaken, she says sorry also. She accepts she had no false intentions to check in his room. Shiv says he also over-reacted. Ananya says his anger was justified anyway, and asserts that her apology is extremely important. Shiv was being humble and returns her apology. Ketki watches them together, then goes to slap them both on their heads. She says it was a punishment as they weren’t accepting apology from each other. She asks if Shiv didn’t have to say anything to her. She was expecting some response from him after the note in tiffin. Shiv denies and murmurs that everyone here is crazy. Ketki leaves with a heavy heart. Shiv hands the tiffin to Ananya, saying he didn’t eat it after morning’s incident. They share an eye lock as Ananya holds it. Shiv requests Ananya to empty it carefully.

In the kitchen, Ananya disassembles the tiffin. She thinks she must let him leave the house. She finds a note of “I love you” in the tiffin. She was irked that he proposed her. She then smiles as an idea clicks her mind.

In the room, Ananya comes to Shiv’s room with the note. He reads, ‘I love you’, then asks if Ananya is saying this to him. Ananya forbids him being extra smart. He wanted her to empty the tiffin, but now she will get him packed up. She drags Shiv to the hall and calls the whole family downstairs. She goes to call Dadi. Upstairs in Dadi’s room, Ananya was shocked to see goon’s holding everyone hostage. Soon, the robbers bring the family downstairs. Shiv warns them to keep the knives away. The robbers set to tie Shiv. Ananya throws a wooden stick towards Shiv. The robber holding Ananya slaps her, but Shiv had intervened to receive the slap instead. Ananya was moved.

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