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Manmohini 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Shiv moves between the goons and Ananya and protects her from the slap. Ananya was moved by his action, then wonders what this man is doing. He drops the wooden stick and joins his hands to the goons requesting them not to hurt anyway. They may take anything they wish to take from the house. He insists on Dadi to give the keys, they can earn money again through hard work, but what if someone is killed. Rekha resists the goons and says they can kill them. The goons deter to kill Amma ji. Shiv tells them to kill him.

Sunanda wonders how she could even consider him Mann, he is a coward. Ketki jumps in front of Shiv to protect him. The goons beat Shiv with the wooden rod. Ananya silently thinks he is a coward himself, he can never be a man of her dreams. Why she was even terrified of him.

Everyone felt hurt as Shiv was badly beaten by the goons. Ananya shouts at them to leave Shiv. They head to Ananya. One of them had clutched her neck when Shiv held him by leg and tossed him in the air. All of them charge with their wooden sticks and attack Shiv at once. They head upstairs with all the looted items. Dadi was concerned for Shiv afterwards, Ketki offers to bring a bandage. Rekha and Mishra ji murmurs that Amma ji would never agree to let him go now. Sunanda keenly observes Ananya who had tears in her eyes. Ananya wonders why she feels pain for a stranger.

It was night, Shiv gulps the turmeric milk on the roof. Ananya comes there and says it must be bitter. She always gives it to neighbor’s kids. Shiv replies its fine. The red bulbs on the roof were blinked by Ananya, she laughs that the bulbs indicate he has been lying. His shoulder aches. Ananya inquires about the severity of pain. Shiv replies he is fine. The red light blinks again. Shiv says they can inquire these bulbs about that note as well. Ananya shows him the control of bulb. She had brought an ointment for Shiv. He tries to apply it himself but cries of pain. Ananya sits to apply herself. Both were close to each other. Ananya’s hair get strangled in his necklace. He removes them. Shiv allows Ananya to take that note to Amma ji, they will push him out of the house themselves. Ananya qualifies she needn’t take any action after what Shiv did for her family. She had forgotten the bruise on his forehead and applies the ointment. Sunanda watches them together from downstairs, and sense her fears coming true. She can’t get her plan failed, as Ananya only belongs to her Mann.

Ananya was attentive towards Sunanda who dropped a plate nearby. She sends Ananya to her room. Sunanda speaks to Shiv and requests him to stay away from Ananya. If her daughter is blamed because of him, their neighbors would gossip against the character of her girl. She joins her hands and requests him to stay away, if his name is attached to Ananya then who would hold her hand and marry her.

Shiv and Ananya spend whole night awake, thinking about each other. Both were restless. They walk out of their rooms simultaneously. Shiv thinks about Sunanda’s request and wonders why he craves to get a glance of Ananya. Ananya watches Shiv from the gallery upstairs. Shiv turns to go back to his room when someone holds his hand. It was Ketki. Shiv removes her hand and asks what she is doing here. Ketki says she thought about applying an ointment to heal his bruises. She inquires who applied the medicine on his injuries. Shiv replies he did it himself, Ketki needn’t worry. Ananya wonders why she feels so bad watching Shiv with Ketki. Both Ananya and Shiv were in deep confusion.

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