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Manmohini 29th November 2019 Episode Start With In the morning, Mishra ji and Rahul sat outside the house with newspaper. One of the robbers from last night come to them. Mishra ji pays him some good money for their task last night. Sunanda watches the three together and thinks about an idea to inquire what they are upto.

Sunanda follows Mishra ji inside the house and deliberately spills all the vegetables, falling over herself as well. Mishra ji comes to Sunanda concerned for Sunanda. Sunanda says she is worried for him, she spotted him with the guy in vest and shorts. Mishra ji tells Sunanda it was a plan to throw Shiv out of the house. Sunanda says she won’t go in details, Mishra ji would take any step for the welfare of house. Sunanda asks for his help to collect the spilt vegetables. Sunanda thinks she must handle Ananya herself now.

Ananya comes to request fee amount from Sunanda. She stops at the door where Sunanda held Kamal’s feet requesting Ananya’s fees. Kamal replies he is Ananya’s father, he thinks Ananya’s welfare lies in her marriage and not education. The robbers have taken all the money, and he has no amount for her fee. He slaps Sunanda as she tries to argue. Ananya leaves in tears. Sunanda and Kamal look at her, and recall how Sunanda convinced Kamal to stay a step ahead of Ananya and deny paying her fee. Kamal cares for Sunanda as she had a mark on her face now. Sunanda says Ananya’s heart won’t anymore be broken. Kamal goes to get ice to apply on her mark. Sunanda thinks she damn cares for this family, Kamal or Ananya. She only stopped Ananya from going to college so that she can keep a close eye on her.

Shiv spots Ananya crying. Ananya says Shiv must never have heard that only marriage is important in life. There was robbery, and no money; thus Ananya must leave her studies. And now people have problem with her tears as well. She drops her college card while she walks away. Shiv holds her card, then gets and idea and doesn’t return.

Ananya comes to the hall where Sunanda was taking clothes for washing. Radha brings Shiv’s clothes and gives her instructions to wash them carefully. A locket and ring fell off the pockets of the shirts. Radha recognizes them as Amma ji’s. Mishra ji wonders if Shiv is a part of that robber’s gang; because these had been taken by robbers. Kamal and Rahul also come there. Ananya argues that he was badly beaten yesterday, only to save their lives. Sunanda takes Ananya aside and tells her to stay silent, else they will blame her instead. She was happy with Mishra ji’s planning. Mishra ji takes the family to check in Shiv’s room.

Mishra ji finds a bag under a table in Shiv’s room. The bag was empty. Amma ji was relief, and now blames everyone for their ill behavior with the guest. Later, Radha asks Mishra ji where the jewels have gone, they kept them here.

Ananya comes to her room. She receives her admit card on her cell phone and wonders how this is possible. She turns her laptop on and finds her name in the list. She was excited at the news. Downstairs, Ananya goes to hug Sunanda in the kitchen and thanks her. Shiv comes to Ananya with her ID card, he found it fallen on the way. Shiv tells Sunanda he paid Ananya’s fees as his house rent. Ananya was impressed. Sunanda sends Ananya to change her clothes. Shiv thinks Ananya needn’t worry for anything till he is here, Shiv will be her shield.

In the room, Radha confirms Mishra ji if he placed the jewels there. Ketki turns the fan of the room on, and the jewels shower over them. Ketki says Shiv is their son in law to be, she loves him dearly and will not let anyone harm him. Mishra ji was happy with Ketki’s thinking. If Ketki marries Shiv, Amma ji will gift a lot to Shiv and ultimately Ketki. Ketki hugs Mishra ji.

Shiv was in his room. Ananya knocks the door and requests a permission to come inside. Ananya was happy and says she won’t cause any trouble for him. She came to thank him, for what he dd. She offers him his favorite sweet. Shiv keeps the sweet back, and says he recognizes the taste of Panday Sweets; this isn’t the same. Ananya was happy hearing all the complement. She turns around but slips. Shiv tries to support her. Both fell on the bed together. They feel awkward and try to get up. Ananya slips again and this time fell over Shiv. Sunanda was passing by and spots them together. She decides it’s time to separate them.

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