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Manmohini 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Shiv shrewdly pokes Sunanda’s eye who peeked into the room through the hole. Sunanda washed her eye and applies a bandage. She says Shiv turned her blind, but she isn’t really blinded. Firstly, she will have to find the truth between Shiv; and then relation between them.

Shiv comes to the room. Ananya had set two night suits of him. He selects the white one. Ananya cheers that black color is associated with the devil, while white is for purity. Shiv laughs calling her crazy. Ananya boasts to be one. They share a big laugh. Shiv turns to look towards Ananya and says this won’t turn the reality down. The distance between them is truth, and it’s been written by our fate. Ananya sits and says she understands the danger is huge; he doesn’t let her live at all and her dark circles are increasing. Soon, she will lose her ear drums as well. Shiv was serious and asks if it’s a joke. Ananya says problems, if taken as joke, are solved easily. And choosing a color is just a minor step, and each small step will take them towards their destination. Shiv was tensed about tomorrow’s sunlight. Ananya place her hand to shut his mouth. She says he needs to welcome each new morning with a smile; fear of tomorrow will only drag him to suffering.

In the hall, everyone turn to Sunanda who had bandaged her eye. Kamal asks what happened to her eye. Sunanda says she was mincing spices and it jumped into her eye. A black woman’s veil fell off. Ketki opens up to find out what it is. There were bangles and a note meant to irk Kamal and threaten that Kamal did not take any action against the shamelessness of his daughter, he must now wear this veil and bangles. Kamal was furious. Sunanda asks Kamal whom he would look after. Firstly, he needs to separate Ananya from Shiv. Kamal decides they won’t stay in a single room together anymore.

Shiv goes to change into the night dress. Ananya takes the black one. Shiv was at once conscious of all the marks at Ananya’s back. He inquires what it is at her back. Ananya says it must be a rash. Shiv looks closely, turns her around and inquires what this actually is. Ananya says she had to carry the ice bag on her bag and fall down due to heavy weight. Shiv makes her sit and brings ointment for her. She shyly smiles and flinches. Kamal calls Ananya and Shiv to open the door.

Ananya goes to open the door and shows concern for Sunanda’s eyes at once. Kamal says she and Shiv will not live in the same room anymore. He doesn’t accept their marriage. He allows Shiv to live in the house because of Ananya, but Ananya will live with Ketki from now on. Sunanda takes Kamal aside and says Ananya can anytime come to Shiv if in Ketki’s room. Kamal changes his decision that Ananya will live in his room, in front of his eyes. Ananya agrees and says she will just bring her luggage. She shuts the door.

Shiv was thoughtful. Ananya inquires the reason for his worries. She sits to thank him, as she has always craved for her father’s lullaby as a daughter; and today is a chance to sleep with her father. Shiv speaks to himself that he will move away from Ananya, so much that his shadows can also not reach her.

Later at night, Shiv comes to his room. Ketki was spraying around, and says today his room has been cleaned of all the filth. She doesn’t want him to suffer from anything anymore. Shiv thanks Ketki and tells him to leave. Ketki thinks ousting Ananya was her first victory and soon Shiv will be hers.
Ananya lay on the bed thinking about all what had happened in past few weeks. Sunanda places a hand over Ananya. Ananya silently thinks that she loves Shiv a lot. She will do tomorrow what she decided, no matter whatever the result be. Shiv peeked through the window on their room. He thinks Mohini has won over, its good she doesn’t know that Mann and Mansi are already together.

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