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Manmohini 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Manmohini Written Update on

Manmohini 30th November 2019 Episode Start With Ananya and Shiv stand up. Ananya leaves the room feeling awkward.

Sunanda stood with the Diya in her hand and wonders how this boy is related to Ananya, why they are so close. She decides to attempt once more. What if this is her Mann, May that’s why Ananya’s fate is coming across him. She may cautiously decide.

Ananya stood in front of the mirror and pretends an advert of Panday Mishthan Daughters. She was happy that there is something about her sweets, even Shiv praised them.

Shiv wakes up by the nightmare of Ananya being killed in bridal attire. He comes out in the hall. Someone leaves the hall holding a huge bag. Shiv goes to the roof, restlessly wondering the connection between Ananya and the witch. He thinks about his increasing intimacies with Ananya and his promise of harmlessness to Ananya.

Mishra ji hands the jewelry box to the robbers. He says 90% of the profit is his, and 10% belongs to them. The robbers deal for 50%. Shiv overhears the conversation. Mishra ji argues that he gave them the idea and clue of getting inside the house. Shiv had come downstairs. Mishra ji warns the robbers of someone approaching them. Shiv attacks them beforehand, get hold of the jewelry bag. The men from neighbors attack the robbers. The family also run outside. Shiv hands the jewelry to Amma ji. Amma ji praises Shiv. Sunanda thinks her doubts still change to surety. She must prove this is Mann.

In the room, Kamal was fast asleep. Sunanda thinks she will have to leave the house. She needs to get hold of something. She finds Amma ji and Radha had locked the main door of the house. They tell Sunanda that from tomorrow, they will tie a chain with the lock as well. Sunanda requests the keys as milk man comes early morning. Amma ji says she must take the keys from her house tomorrow morning. The next morning, Amma ji answers the doorbell. It was a post man with a letter from Devki Dai. Sunanda was alert at the mention of name. Amma ji asks Shiv if this letter is for him. Shiv was cautious for a while, then says he doesn’t know any Devki Dai. He goes inside to find an important file. Sunanda was heartbroken. She remembers sending the letter.

In the room, Shiv wonders how his Dai Maa could send the letter without the address. There must be the witch behind this. He thinks he must never let Ananya be in the midst of all this. Radha comes downstairs to inform Amma of another proposal for Ananya. The boy’s name is Mannat, he lives with his Dadi in Delhi. Sunanda thinks about seeing Devki’s photo. Sunanda thinks this must not be Mannat but her Mann. Amma ji tells her to go and speak to Ananya.

In the room, Ananya didn’t want to get married. She only wanted to extend the business of her father. Sunanda says it’s only a proposal, what if he is open minded and helps her with her dreams. Ananya agrees from fear of her father and Dadi.

Sunanda selects a pretty dress for Ananya because Mann is coming to meet her. Ananya wonders what has happened to her mother. Sunanda warns Ananya against any mischief. The guests had arrived. Sunanda thinks that Devki might recognize her at once. She veils her face. Mishra ji and Radha invite the lady and her grandson. Sunanda comes from behind in a veiled face and tries to see the face of the old lady. She thinks this isn’t Devki. Amma ji sends Sunanda to go and prepare for snacks.

Ketki comes to Ananya and says she wish Ananya is married really soon and clears her way for Shiv. Shiv passes by and spots Ananya ready inside the room. He stops to look through the window. He smiles while Ananya sat in the room with saddened expressions. Ketki comes to Shiv and offers him to go to her. A family has come for her proposal today.

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