Manmohini 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Manmohini 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Manmohini 31st December 2019 Episode Start With  early sun rising. Ananya and Shiv walked across the streets while streets were yet being sweep. Ananya says they have come to take something and shows him a box of sweets. She had brought it not for Shiv but someone else. They distribute it amongst the road side poor.

Someone knocks at Dai Maa’s room. A young boy stood outside and asks if she is Behram’s Devki Maa? Dai Maa says she is a TV actress and not Devki. The boy insists he needs to five her a letter. He throws a letter from under the door. Dai Maa reads the seal of Behram House and wonders what the witch actually wants from her.

Ananya and Shiv reach the Mahadev temple. Ananya says thousands come to this temple, through varying means but it’s not guaranteed if their heart is pure or not. She came here to gain the blessings and prayers from those who pray with pure heart. She can see the happiness on Shiv’s face right now, the contentment. It’s a courage for Shiv that he will stand against the devil inside him, once again. Shiv asks how it can be proven that the right will win. Ananya takes out his Rudraksh. Shiv was reluctant and disturbed. Ananya says this is the reply. She brings the Rudraksh closer to Shiv and was finally able to tie it around his neck. A smile spreads Ananya’s face. The sun rises and sunlight falls over Shiv’s body. There was no burning. Shiv was relieved, Ananya happy.

At home, Mishra ji stops Sunanda by holding her hand and tries to flirt with her. Sunanda was irked, but controls herself as she often needs Mishra ji’s help. He places his head over Sunanda’s shoulder. He day dreams of dancing with Sunanda on ‘akhiyon se goli maare’. Rekha comes to snatch the pillow from him and questions what’s going on.

Sunanda comes upstairs and removes the bandage from her eye. It had healed. She wonders how they are peacefully sleeping till so long. Ananya doesn’t open her eyes and calls Shiv’s name requesting him her bed tea. Ketki throws a glass of water over her face. Ananya was irked. Ketki asks what this new drama is, she is shouting Shiv’s name for her tea. Shiv comes with her tea, wishing Good morning. Ananya happily takes the tea and joins Ananya on the bed. Ketki stood there furiously then leaves. Sunanda stops Ketki outside in the hall and suggests her to cry, she will later take care of the matter. Ketki doesn’t understand. Sunanda pinches Ketki and makes her cry. Kamal comes there. Sunanda says Ketki has been suffering because of their daughter, it must be tough for her to see her fiancé with her sister. Kamal rushes to their room and throws Ananya on the floor with her cup. Shiv holds Kamal’s hand in midair and tells him to relax, Ananya is his daughter. Kamal pushes Shiv away on the bed, and says he is speaking to his daughter; he dare come between them. Kamal wasn’t ready to hear a single word from Ananya. Shiv stops his hand once again. Kamal clutches Shiv’s collar. Sunanda hears Amma ji’ call for herself. Ketki enjoys as Kamal wrestles Shiv. He pushes him away and the Rudraksh falls off his neck. Ananya observes this and sends Ketki away.

Shiv struggles against the sunlight hitting his body. His eyes turn black, nails and teeth grown. Kamal was about to slap Ananya when Shiv stops him. Kamal was in a state of shock as he stares into Shiv’s black monstrous eyes. Shiv threatens that beating his daughter doesn’t suit him. There is nothing wrong in the fact that they love each other, Ananya loves Kamal inspite of all his hate. He must at least once place a hand over her head as blessing. Ananya spots the Rudraksh and goes to grab it. She ties it around Shiv’s neck once more. He turns human. Ananya was relieved. Kamal stood as a statue. Shiv was worried what he has done, what if Kamal tells the witch.

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