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Meet 12th September 2022 Everyone in hall at table. Meet walks down. Meet Ahlawat look at her. Meet greets everyone says I’m leaving for office. Raj says come have breakfast. Meet says no I have tiffin I’ll have there and I have meeting with investors so I’ll leave.

Raj give her blessings and says remember what did I said. Raj says did you see Meet is trying hard to handle office and home all together, she didn’t do breakfast but made for us. Neelu get’s up and start serving breakfast to everyone.

Sunaina walks in kitchen. A man says hello madam I’m from pest control. Sunaina says atleast let me get breakfast then do your job. Sunaina find a cockroach in rice bowl.

Ram says Paratha smell so good they made me remember Delhi’s Paratha and ask Neelu to serve one to Raj. Raj says you had Paratha consider I had too, this house may be seprated but our hearts are still together.

Babita calls Sunaina. Sunaina walks to Babita says breakfast is ready but we can’t have it I found dead cockroach inside breakfast.Barfi remembers putting dead cockroach inside bowl so that she can make place for her daughter in this house.

Sunaina says pest control is also spraying medicine inside kitchen. Babita says what will Raj eat he has to eat medicine. Neelu says to Raj please have this. Raj says I don’t want. Babita insist Raj to have Paratha. Raj says I said one time I don’t want to eat. Neelu says please have it I’m also your daughter in law. Raj shouts my daughter in law name is Meet.

Meet driving and talking to Aakash ask him about the arrengements of meeting. He says everything is fine just carry confidential file which you asked to be deliver at home.

Neelu says you made Meet your son but right noe you need a daughter in law. Barfi thinks now she knows how important it is to use mind in this war. Ram and Ragini ask Raj to have Paratha.

Everyone try to convince him. Raj get’s up and leave. Meet Ahlawat says to Neelu he is angry over me please give him food and I’ll listen everything what you will see. Neelu see a knife she grabs it and says Raj if you didn’t have food then I’ll cut my nerves. Raj turn around. Babita says what nonsense this is.

Raj says you don’t know how stubborn I’m. Neelu says you don’t know about me and she hurt herself. Meet Ahlawat ask Neelu to give knife. Raj scolds her says life is not game. Neelu says you are also playing with your life without having medicine. Babita try to convince Raj to have breakfast.

Raj sit to have breakfast. Barfi walks to Neelu throw knife and says you used your brain good to win this battle, I’m proud of you now go. Neelu serve Paratha to Raj.

Meet enter the house says I forgot the file. Raj says the breakfast you made has gone bad so everyone asking me to have breakfast to have medicine so it’s okay if I have your tiffin and you can order for yourself because I cannot eat of out. Meet says wait I’ll get for you, she brings tiffin and serve breakfast to Raj. He finishes everything and go to doctor and you cannot get someone’s life forcefully you have to earn it just like my Meet and he walks away. Neelu walks away in anger. Meet walks to her.

Meet says to Neelu talk to me I don’t understand what happen behind me, I just want to say I didn’t mean to break your heart it was not intentionally. Neelu says but you are the reason, you being here won’t be easy for me to become daughter in law. Meet says what do you think I want to live here,

I also want to run away but I’m compelled to sray here. Neelu says but still you get love and attention from everyone but everyday I think what should I do to make place in everyone’s heart. Meet get’s call from Aakash he says investors will be in office in one hour. Meet says I’ll be there. Neelu says go still everyone wants your help.

Meet at office. Aakash says I’ll inform your when investors will be here. Meet says okay when they come tell me I’m in my office and keep these briefcase in office too.. Masum walks to Meet says I did all the arrengements but what about briefcase. Meet says you are secratary you should know well no worries you will get to know when time come and she go inside office. Masum says meeting with investors is not easy I doubt it.

Meet Ahlawat at home thinks I hope Meet have some plan or deal for investors. Neelu with pooja thali, she bump into Meet Ahlawat and ruin his suit. Neelu says give me two minutes I’ll clean it. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll change it. Neelu says you are angry on me, I was unable to give dad breakfast. He says atleast you tried but whatever happened was not right, from next time be careful. Neelu ask him for his jacket, I’ll bring soon. He says don’t take much time I have to leave for office.

Meet in meeting with investors. Aakash keep bags in front of them. Meet says first of all thanks to everyone for taking out time for me thanks for that, she saya you give me seven days to return your money today is 5th day here are the briefcase which has your money, you can check money.

Investor says you did the right job and he try to get bag. Meet says before you check I would like to tell you something if you hold this money then we will consider that you won’t be dealing with Ahlawat industries anymore no sharing in profits because Ahlawat industries don’t work with runners, so think once before holding this money do you want to run away or stay to share profit, you have 2 minutes to decide. Investors talk to eachother, they take the bag plan to open. Meet remembers putting newspaper inside bag and she gets worried.

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