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Meet 13th July 2022 Meet Ahlawat says to Manjari, listen try to understand atleast wait for my dad he started recovering and he is happy, I don’t have anything against you, says to Popat tell her that I saved her life why don’t you say anything.

Popat ask Manjari to forgive him. Manjari says that’s okay but what was he doing in my room. Meet Ahlawat play her audio recording says this acting wont work for long and says to her what all you two were talking abou.

Manjari says don’t poke your nose in my work, this house would be yours but this room is mine, if you enter my room without permission I’ll leave this house and won’t come back I’m telling you. Meet Ahlawat walks away.

Next morning. Ragini and Sunaina discussing about the arrengements and ask her to bring out bronze utensils. Babita walks to them and ask Ragini why do you want bronze. Ragini says Isha told me Deep’s mom has conservative thought.

Babita says okay I’ll arrange snacks for her. Manjari walks to them and says I’m planning of cooking piha for her. Babita and Ragini misunderstood by alcohol and get’s shocked. Ram and Tej also walks in and ask what happen, it’s morning and you why are you asking for that. Masum and Isha walks down.

Isha ask what’s in breakfast. Tej says you will be surprised Manjari is making drinks are you interested. Ragini says to Manjari do you think this will be good because she is coming for first time. Tej says to Manjari, in your city it’s banned.

Manjari says you mist have seen fake news in our city it is available in every corner. Ahlawat’s confused. Manjri says try once made by my hand and you will never wait till evening and in Vadodara we welcome guests with it and ensures Isha that Deep’s mom will love it and accept the proposal and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat walks to everyone and asks aby problem. Masum says Manjri is making drinks for Deep’s mom, Ram says she reminds me of our Meet always trying something unique, you go tell her what you want.

Everyone standing outside kitchen and looking at Manjri thinking why is she in kitchen. Masum says she is pro she is making munchies too. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and says this is your way of revenge, you want to serve something that will ruin this marriage,

Manjri says stay away I cook delicious and whoever eats will never forget and shows him poha. Everyone starts laughing at the confusion.Manjri asks Meet Ahlawat to leave kitchen and not be there when she is cooking.

Ragini gets worried as Deep’s mom hasn’t come yet, Babita says don’t worry all will be fine, it takes too long so Isha tries calling Deep. Isha tells everyone Deep isn’t answering. Isha eats medicine. Manjri goes to Raj’s room and serves him poha and says you have to finish everything. Raj tastes it and says delicious, make me 2 plates next time and did Deep and his mother come. Manjri says not yet.

Deep and his mom reach Ahlawat house, Deep’s mom gives taxi driver less money saying he drove rash and broke signals too.Manjri asks Raj will he come down, Raj says I wish but I am not able to gather strength. Manjri says chachiji will handle don’t worry. Raj says right but you also be around them during discussions, its matter of Isha’s life and I can’t trust anyone else, promise me. Manjri says I promise.

Deep says Amma let’s go inside, we are already late and you didn’t allow me to pick calls too, they must be worried. Amma says remember one thing those who arrive on time have no respect and they are girls side and they have waiting written in their destiny, they may have to wait for days,months, years and you go get my BP medicine, I will manage. Deep leaves.

Amma thinks how can I forget these people sent my son to jail and now I will turn their house into a jail.
Ragini asks Ram to go check outside, I am worried Isha’s health may be affected, I want Isha’s wedding to be fixed today. Amma walks in and says that can’t happen today itself. Ragini asks who are you, Amma says I am Barki Devi, Deep’s mother.

Babita and Ragini welcome her in. Barki says I saw lot of bad signs and feel negativity today, like look these sweets fell on the floor and anyways people should always stay away from bad things abd bad character people.

Babita asks what are you saying. Barki Devi says my necklace got stolen today, it was ancestral and Insaid Deep I can’t go after this but he forced me. Babita says I feel bad for you and thank you for visiting even after all this and lets talk about marriage. Barki says no.

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Meet 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manjri gives a necklace to Barki Devi and says I found it at the place you said it was stolen. Barki Devi says its fake, Manjri says just like your story. Barki Devi says we will talk ahead of this marriage only when this girl leaves.


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