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Meet 13th September 2022 Meet says to investors before touching this money think one time you want to be runner or stay attached to Ahlawat’s company be loyal and share profit. Investor reach there suitcase. Meet remembers putting newspaper in bags.

Meet says one minute before you take money you have to sign these stamp papers, read one time it’s written that you won’t be associated with Ahlawat’s company growth and won’t be sharing profit and business.

Barfi says to Babita today will be the big day for Ahlawat industries because today investors will decide future of company.

Raj walks to them says I believe in Meet but I’m seeing that you are in doubt so come with me to office and see what she is doing. Barfi thinks this will be great seeing her disrespected, she says to Raj okay let’s go to office and she calls Neelu. Barfi and Raj leave.

Meet Ahlawat ask Masum dis you get any update about meeting. Masum says she didn’t allowed me but I know she gave one briefcase to every investors. Meet Ahlawat says this means she accepted my offer and cared about dad’s reputation.

Investors discuss to eachother and says I’m not in favour to finish the relation with Ahlawat Pharma so let’s give Meet one more chance. Meet says this company also want to work with people trustworthy people and are connected with years. Investors says fine we are ready to invest fund in this company.

Meet take the documents and cancel it says we will be happy to work with you again. Everyone shake hands and leave. Masum see investors going out thinks what happen inside. Meet looks at Masum and thinks Raj today I played my game a little and surely will return the money to investors with profit, I won’t break the faith in me.

Meet Ahlawat on call. Masum walks to him says all the investors are gone and everyone is saying they were happy, I wonder what Meet did with them. Meet Ahlawat thinks I have to confirm did she returned the money.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet clapping says thank god you listened to me and return investors money. Meet says listen I don’t know how you will feel after listening but I didn’t touch your money not even open the drawer. Meet Ahlawat says you are lying, you took money and gave to investors as I told you to give them.

Meet Ahlawat stumble and they both fall on sofa in such a position that Meet Ahlawat kissing Meet on her cheeks. Both in shock and looking at eachother. They both getup. Meet says I told you truth I didn’t touch the money and both of my father taught me not the break trust and have self respect so I did same and investors accepted to invest. He says you are lying.

Meet says you know there is no cure for doubt, I told you I didn’t touched the money they are in drawer where they were. Meet Ahlawat says I understood that you are lying. Raj, Barfi, Neelu and Masum walks in office. Raj shouts at Meet Ahlawat says how dare you and raise his hand to slap him.

Meet stops his hand says do not punish him anymore. Neelu says to Meet give me key’s we will open drawer and know the truth, I want to open drawer for my husband and check. Raj ask Meet to give keys. Neelu take keys and open drawer to check, she see drawer is empty. Meet in shock after seeing empty drawer.

Meet says to Raj where’s the money. Barfi take out the drawer get’s happy and says it’s clear drawer is empty and Mest Ahlawat is right she is liar and thief. Meet says to Raj I didn’t took money. Raj says you don’t need to give me any explanation I believe in you. Barfi laugh and ask where is money then.

Meet Ahlawat says if I want to take money then why would I have given her key’s. Barfi says only two people know about money in this drawer no third person was involved this means she is lying, she says to Meet no need to worry accept that you took money, nobody will say anything to you we know you got responsibility more then your status and you can accept that you took money.

Meet says enough I won’t hear anymore, I have pride on my dad’s decision and I’ll prove him right I swear will bring money and thief in next 48 hrs. Barfi ask what if you fail in next 48hrs will you accept defeat and will leave this chair and position given by Raj so that everyone know that you are thief and lier.

Raj and Meet come to Ahlawat mansion with Ganpati idol. Everyone welcome them. Babita thinks every year my Meet Ahlawat use to get idol with Raj and everyone was happy but since the time people are seprated in this house everything has gone south in this house. Meet enter house with Idol. Meet stumble but Meet Ahlawat save her from falling down.


Meet 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barfi says to Meet why don’t you and Neelu have an competition of making 101 ladoo and if you fail to make you won’t come in tonight’s pooja, tell me do you accept. Raj says to Barfi what nonsense are you doing. Meet says no worries I’m ready for competition and I accept your challenge.


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