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Meet 15th September 2022 Meet says Barfi me and Neelu made ladoo why not you clean the utensils. Barfi says you want me to wash utensils. Meet says I’m just you to serve in name of god and thinks this will be my chance to search her room.

Sunaina looking for water. Ragini carrying a bottle offers to Sunaina. Sunaina says no worries you can keep it. Ragini says our house maybe seprated but we as family are not and she give her a glass of water. Sunaina everything is changed in our house but our love is still same for eachother except Meet becoming CEO of our company.

Ragini ask what do you mean. She says I mean only two people have key’s dor drawer Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says you mean to say Meet stole the money. Sunaina says she never saw a lot of money in her life it’s possible she must have stole it.

Ragini says how can you think about her according to me she has not changed a bit, I must be with Barfi but I have faith in her she cannot steal money and she walk away. Sunaina says I doubt her just need to think.

Barfi cleaning utensils. Ragini and Sunaina looking at her and laughing. Ragini says I’m feeling good after seeing her washing utensils. Babita says I’m also happy after seeing her. Ragini says before she make any mess let’s leave from here.

Meet in Barfis room start searching says if she stole money she must have hidden it somewhere here.

Barfi says to herself I know she did this to make fun of me but she should be here and making fun of me, what she could be doing, she must be trying to prove herself wrong as she have only one day left to prove herself wrong. Neelu walks to Barfi ask do you need any help. Barfi says look after Meet. She says when you came here I saw her going towards your room. Barfi says she played well.

Meet searching her room. Barfi run towards her room says if I found her in room I won’t leave her. Meet open cupboard but Barfi stops her and close cupboard, she ask her what are you searching.

Meet says I brought holy water and start sprinkling in her room. Barfi says you doubt that I have money in my room. Meet thinks is it so I have to search your room for money. Barfi says don’t do something wrong to me or else I’ll make everyone cry so don’t mess with me. Meet walk out of room.

Neelu says to Barfi don’t you think you put Meet in difficult situation. Barfi says you feeling pity for her because she said to give prasad to orphans. Neelu says after seeing her it doesn’t feel like she would have take the money. Barfi says that’s waht she want and you can make mistake in judging her, but she is waiting for an opportunity to throw you out of house, can’t you see she is defeating you again and again but this time she won’t win and this will make your future.

Meet says Barfi is smart if she stole the money then it would be not in her room or there are chances someone else would have taken money. Sunaina on phone with hsr Dad says no I don’t need money I have arrenged it from somewhere else and I won’t tell anyone from where I took money it’s a secret. Meet says is this possible Sunaina must have taken money would she do something like this, I was having doubt on Barfi but now I feel like Sunaina, she think of Masum and says she always come in my cabin.

Hoshiyar says to Amma I can bet that I’ll win, when Meet called I came to know my wife took money and I’m sure because…Hoshiyar remembers bringing tea for Masum in her room. He says how can you sleep todayis Ganeshji pooja come wake up. Masum says ket me sleep go and bring coffee for me.

Hoshiyar ask from where did you get coffee you steal it office canteen. Masum says shutup I’m not like steal small things. Hoshiyar looks at coffee jar says what is this. Masum says it’s my dad’s office I can bring anything from there now go and make coffee for me. Hoshiyar walks out of room. Masum get’s call from Mr. Ahuja, she tell him don’t worry I’m arrenging money and will clear all your payments in one go. Hoshiyar listen her conversation says how will she pay…

Ammaji says now listen to me what you are saying is right but will she accept that. Hoshiyar says we have to catch her red handed with a plan. Ammaji ask how. He says let me think.

Neelu outside Meet Ahlawat’s room she looks at her kurta says should I also wear same colour cloth and we both will look together on visarjan occasion I should do this and many more things to get close to my husband.

Everyone in hall doing pooja. Neelu thinks I hope he will be wearing same colour cloth and we will look couple. Meet Ahlawat walks downstairs in same colour cloth. Meet also walk down in same colour cloth. They both look at eachother. Ragini ask Meet Ahlawat why you took time. He says I have to change twice.

Everyone start praying. Ragini says to Ram both are wearing same colour cloth without deciding, they look cute it’s a sign that they will never seprate. Neelu thinks Meet always spoil my plan she always come in between, Barfi is right I have to play with mind.

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