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Meet 16th September 2022 Meet Ahlawat on call. Neelu walks to him says I have a request, whatever happening in office is so hectic for you if you want you can share with me, I know I have less knowledge about office but I’ll listen to you carefully, I know Meet break your trust after stealing money and now trying to prove herself innocent,

I know you are unable to say everything. Meet Ahlawat says you are right I’m worried and tensed how she can do this, one year back I use to stand with Meet in every decision but now she didn’t left any reason to trust her but I know one thing she can go to any extent to prove herself because she is stubborn and she won’t stop, that’s how Meet is. Ram calls everyone in hall for Pooja.

Everyone in hall. Meet says there is time for visarjan so why not we play a game till that time. Barfi laugh and says that’s good let’s play game, instead or proving herself innocent she wants to play game, already one day is passed so do fast.

Meet says one day is still left and she mocks her. Barfi says that time you use to search other room, use that time to fine the thief. Meet says I’ll get evidence and thirf too, if I prove I’m innocent then what you will do. Barfi says then I’ll apologies by touching your feet infront of everyone and will take my word back. Meet says I’ll wait for that moment.

Masum walks downstairs and ask him for coffee. Hoshiyar hiding behind fridge. Masum looking for him and find a 2000rs note on floor she pick it up and thinks where did it come from, she look around and keep and walk away.

Hoshiyar says to Amma I believe that she will keep this note in stolen money and then will w catch her red handed. Amma and Hoshiyar follow her to her room. Masum walks in and close door. Amma says now how we will know about money. Hoshiyar says I have an idea, he open window and looks at her.

Masum says it’s a good luck to see money she thanks universe. Hoshiyar says to Amma first time I failed to judge my wife, she cannot have office cash. Amma thinks then who will be having and pray to god.

Everyone blindfolded. Meet explain rule about the game. Raj and Meet monitoring. Everyone start playing game, Meet hands everyone items one by one and lastly hands them Meet Ahlawat’s coat.

(Meet shows Raj Meet Ahlawat’s coat and says only me and Meet Ahlawat know the keys are kept in the inside pocket and when tomorrow I will give coat to play and they will go for key, Raj says what if the thief is smart, Meet says they can’t hide their expressions and we have to be super observant)

Meet hands coat to everyone one by one. Meet Ahlawat drops coat, Meet gets down to pick it and both bump eachothers head. Meet hands him coat. Game ends. Meet says everyone played very well and announces Babita as winner. Raj asks Babita what she wants. Babita says I want you to go and rest. Meet says mummyji is right. Guard walks in and says a kid hit stone at honey comb and we have to close terrace door.

Meet Ahlawat closing main door gets stung by honey bees on his hand.
Nelu and Meet arrive and rush to Meet Ahlawat, Babita asks to get something made of metal. Nelu pushes Meet and goes pick keys from Meet Ahlawat’s coat, Meet sees that. Meet thinks this means Nelu is thief.

Neelam gets lemon sherbat for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says he is fine and says lets do visarjan. Neelam says you need to rest. Meet Ahlawat says muhrat has started lets do visarjan and leaves. Meet says to Neelam how do you know about keys you stole the mobey right. Neelam runsaway.

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Meet 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet hands Ganesh Idol to Meet Ahlawat.Meet asks Neelam why did she steal and she will tell everyone the truth. Neelam holds her hand says I won’t let you. Meet says dare you touch me and goes joins Meet Ahlawat.


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