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Meet 19th August 2022 Meet Ahlawat says my wife’s ritual will be done whether anyone want to participate in it or not. Meet Ahlawat walks toward mandir and grab the plates. Babita remembers keeping that plates to welcome Meet and junior Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat grab those plates and perform the ritual. Meet remembers her time of ritual. Barfi devi also participate with them Meet Ahlawat

Meet Ahlawat walk inside with her. Meet Ahlawat and his wife try to take blessings from Ragini and Babita but both of them steps back. Meet Ahlawat walks with her further. Barfi Devi follows them.

Barfi says to Babita I know your biggest dream was to be with your grandchild and when you got to know your grandchild was alive you made all the arrengements but that didn’t came true, your older daughter in law is also unable to become mother, she was also happy for Meet’s baby but that too became a dream just because of Meet’s stubbornness,

she hid the truth from everyone for one year even from her husband, she didn’t thought of telling anything for that reason her husband decided to marry someone else just because he was sad so tell me what wrong he did, was he wrong if he decided to stay with someone else. Meet says you have no right to question me because I know whatever I did was for my family.

Barfi says what family because you never considered your in law’s as your family, you didn’t even told them about the baby, what you thought that baby just belongs to you, he was member of this family too but you killed him and for this there is no forgiveness for such sin and if you husband started a new life so what he did wrong tell,

I suggest you should kick her out of house so that you don’t remember about junior Ahlawat after seeing her face. Barfi Devi ask Neet to move out of house before everyone kick you out and let Neelu be in Meet Ahlawat’s life, don’t think of forgiveness because nobody will forgive you, not after killing junior Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat in his room remembers the accident. He saw hospital visitors pass in his wallet and remember…
He says to Raj he lost everything, love, friendship my baby everything, he tell Raj about Meet how she kept everyone in darkness about baby.

I’ll not forgive her for her behaviour and it was on purpose so today I’m deciding to one thing there are chances when you wake up you won’t talk to me ever but don’t ask me to forgive Meet, I’ll live my whole life with a person I don’t love but I won’t forgive her ever…
Meet Ahlawat says wake up one time say to me something try to console me says nothing has gone wrong everything will be fine.

Neelu in hall. Barfi walks to her and hugs her says you are daughter in law of this house you have to make your place in everyone’s heart, first in your husband’s heart, do you understand what I’m saying.

Meet Ahlawat in his room. Neelu knock on door and ask can I come in. Meet Ahlawat get’s up and walk out of room.

Meet Ahlawat outside house. Barfi walks to him says life goes on now do the pending work, she gave him documents and ask him to finish the work and take him with her.

Meet in temple says to god I’m tiered of fighting don’t know what to do, you only tell me. Barfi walks to Meet says I have a good news for you, Meet Ahlawat have a solution for you come with me we will talk.

Everyone gathers in hall. Ram ask why did you call everyone here in middle of night. Barfi Devi says Meet Ahlawat have decided one thing and he wants everyone should know about this so that there are no problems in future. Meet Ahlawat ask Mest to sign divorce papers. Everyone in shock. Meet Ahlawat hand over the papers to Meet. Meet tear them apart and throw away.

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