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Meet 19th May 2022 Meet says Abhay Rana I’ll go oyt and tell everyone about your reality, you killed my father and start punching him, you ruined Tej’s life too I won’t leave you, stand up my father had to go jail and everyone thought he was murderer, now justice will be served for both of my fathers and real murderer will come infront of everyone, I have recorded everything, you have asked for press conference today.

Abhay says don’t do anything or else my life will be ruined. Meet says in press conference you will accept that you were the murderer and raj is innocent and if you don’t do that then I’ll give this video to media and everyone will get to know that you came here to do one more murder. Abhay says I’ll do everything but please don’t show this video.

Babita says to Raj guess what did I bring for you, your favourite kheer. Raj says I’m not hungry, after knowing what happen in this house my hunger is killed, please do not insist and walk away. Babita says Meet broke trust of my son, in this house she brought police and get you arrested, do you even know how these things have affected our son, our son took those step because he loves you a lot, care about you.

Raj says if he care about me then he would have done nothing and there is no reason to talk to you because you also wanted same. Babita says to him I love you Raj, you know I cannot live without you then how could I let this go wrong with you everything happen just because of that girl. Raj says I feel sad that till now you don’t know that girl please go from here and leave me alone, I don’t understand how will I face her this time. Meet Ahlawat listing everything from outside room.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat did you hear what your dad said, I don’t understand why Raj cannot see his real face but still he thinks we all are wrong, don’t know what happen to Raj, he is not eating anything, he was a person who stay happy in every condition and see now he is getting angry on all things.

Meet Ahlawat says try to understand Dad has gone through many things, he is disturbed, he went to jail, people from association are talking about him, he was head of association, so things will matter him, try to understand we will handle dad, he will become as he was happy, just give time and everything will be normal.

Meet brings Abhay Rana to press conference. Meet says him say whatever I asked you to say or else if I said anything then your life will be ruined. Everyone see Abhay, they stand up to greet him. Everyone ask the reason behind press conference, what is the reason, answer our questions. Abhay says I’ll answer everything first please sit.

Meet Ahlawat knocks at Raj’s door and ask him can I come in. Raj says didn’t your mom told you I want to be alone. Meet Ahlawat says do you think whatever happen was wrong. Raj says I know you love me a lot but why are you not trying to understand Meet, she ignored all your talks and helped me get out of jail, I’m out because of her because she took care of me, give me medicine, food and argue with me so that I won’t sleep empty stomach and I believe it’s because of her I got bail, you only tell how judge change her decision.

Abhay Rana says as of you all know I never hide anything people so I’m here talking about Ashok Hooda murder case. Everyone start talking about case. Abhay says please be silent only then I can tell, I want to say that Raj is innocent. Reporter ask them who is real murderer. Meet get’s call from Isha.

Meet go out to talk to Isha on video. She see Shanty has tie her to chair saying he will kill me. Shanty shouts quiet. Meet says what are you doing Shanty. Shanty greet Meet and pour kerosene at Isha. Meet says stay away from her. Shanty says I’m making a show for you. Meet says stop or I’ll kill you.

Shanty ask when you will put me in jail, when I’ll kill her and I remember are you having thoughts of putting my father in jail, don’t think of that if he sit in police van then I’ll put Isha on fire, this is a war now let’s soo who will win, I’ll count till three. Isha scared and shouting. Shanty light match and count.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I cannot forgive her, she played with me to get pendrive, she lied to me and according to me I cannot forgive her. Raj says I know you won’t understand know because you are hurt byt remember one thing having faith in relation is important and I believe you will start believing her again. Meet Ahlawat get up and leave.

Abhay says to everyone that video is false so I send the video for testing and report says that video was manipulated. Reporter ask about truth. Abhay remember what Meet said to him in hospital and raise his hand says Ashok Hooda murder. Meet says one minute and says sorry to come in between but I want to tell everyone something it’s important, till now whatever I did was wrong,

whatever investigation I did was wrong because in last thing came out is my father was not murdered he was martyred, as written in records. Abhay think why is Meet saving me what happen to her that she decided to save me. Everyone start asking question. Abhay says tahnks everyone for your time, now you all can leave.

Abhay says to Meet I’m standing tall because my son saved me, what happen to your face what happen I gave clen chit to tour father number two, what else do you want and father number one is martyred and you said that infront of camera, case closed. Meet says what about Isha I want her out of hell, Shanty need to give her divorce. Abhay says I’ll do but in return I need something, you have to delete the video which you recorded in hospital do you agree. Meet nods her head and leave in tears.

Meet enter her room in tears walks to her dad’s photo says I promised you to punish your murderer, they were infront of me but I was unable to make them punish because Isha’s life was on stake, bringing back the happiness of this family was important, I know you are understanding my situation, I just want to apologise you, if possible please forgive me.

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