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Meet 1st January 2022 Manushi pushes Meet inside a luggage trolley, she drags the trolley to a dark abandant lobby, Tej sees that and shouts, Manushi gets scared, she puts light on Tej, he gets scared with light flashed on him and fights Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat asks kids where is Meet, kids say they don’t know, Meet Ahlawat gets worried and tries to call her, but unable to reach her phone. Meet Ahlawat starts looking for Meet.
Manushi switches off light, Tej relaxes,

Manushi gets back to pushing Meet’s trolley. Tej sees Meet’s hand and stops the trolley. Manushi tries to shhh him away. Tej keeps saying friend and doesn’t let the trolley go. Manushi pushes the trolley hard and Tej stumbles, the trolley starts moving ahead in the lobby.

Meet Ahlawat looking for Meet everywhere.
Manushi gets scared seeing trolley fall of the window and rushes. Meet’s trolley falls. Manushi says what did I do I killed her, it wasn’t in purpose, may be she had to live only this much, I didn’t do anything on purpose. Manushi hears Meet Ahlawat’s voice and runs away, on her way she tries to bribe Tej and says mad man come with me I will give you food and sweets, Tej leaves with her. Meet Ahlawat arrives there looking for Meet,

he finds her necklace in the lobby, and gets worried and starts looking for Meet and calls her, he hears her phone ring and follows the voice, he sees Meet hanging to the window with hands tied, Meet Ahlawat says don’t get scared I’m coming, and gets down the same rope to help Meet.

Meet Ahlawat gets down to Meet and holds her, and asks Meet to hold him tight, with knife he cuts the rope, tied to Meet’s hand. and gets her down. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet is intoxicated, he tries to bring her to consious and asks how did you come here. Meet opens her eyes and says you are so cute, but you are bitter, and one bring problem you gets angry and irritated so quickly, Meet Ahlawat says how is she drunk, she never drinks. Meet Ahlawat says let’s go to room, Meet says I want to roam, Meet Ahlawat says quiet tomorrow we will roam lets go. Meet picks her take her to room.

Suniana scolds Jaypratap and says because of you my family here is upset please leave, Raj walks to them, Babita says Raj why did you come out, Raj says I’m fine, and says Jaypratap Sunaina is not able to understand what we both do so please don’t go, and falls down.

Meet Ahlawat brings Meet to their room and puts her to sleep, Meet hugs him and doesn’t let him go. Meet thinks of Babita’s advice that she has to initiate their relationship to next step. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, a girl has it necessary to be a good daughter, wife and daughter in law, no you don’t know you are boy, and not husband so you don’t understand and ritual is a wife take cares and hugs him back and says is it necessary to do all this and even Babita aunty said we should be together, my mind and me are always witg you but now we have to be physically together and since I’m wife I have to start, and goes close to Meet Ahlawat.

Raj remembers Tej coming to him in fake moustaches and wig, Raj asks what is this, Tej says just pranking Sunaina its so much fun to see the smile, and here show me research…..
Raj realises he was just imaging Raj, Sunaina gets him food, Raj says no. Sunaina says you are very week I beg of you please eat food, Raj denies, Sunaina leaves.

Sunaina remember Meet walking to her and saying please take care of Raj, Sunaina says we are lucky to have a father in law like him and I promise I will take care of him….Sunaina says I promised Meet how will I face her now.

Meet wakes up next day, with heavy head, Meet Ahlawat gets her lemon water, Meet sees her clothes are changed and gets awkward and asks what happened last night, he says yes I remember, we had something that shouldn’t happen, I tried ti stop you but you didn’t listen a word and forced me to be physically with me and then I lost control too and then we, Meet kicks her and starts crying, Meet Ahlawat says sorry I was joking, we just kept talking all night, Meet says sure, he says yes,……

……Meet drunk roaming in room and asks Meet Ahlawat only if we have physical relationship we are husband and wife, he says no Meet it is all about understanding eachother, I know you are in pressure and same I am vutywe first have to know eachother, be there for each other and trust eachother and when we are like this we become soulmates and there is lot of time for that we just have started knowing eachother and slowly move ahead and then we will come very close to eachother and then we will complete society checklist, till then we will move at our pace, Meet says you are a good boy ….

Meet feels relieved after hearing truth and asks who changed my clothes, Meet Ahlawat tells he called a female staff to help change your clothes, he says I understand Meet its important to see your comfort and I won’t cross line till you are okay with it, now have this you will feel better.

Manushi visits Meet Ahlawat room and says sir I have breakfast for you and walks in sees Meet, Manushi thinking how is she fine, Manushi smiles at Meet and says good morning ma’am, Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi someone added alcohol in Meet’s drink, who was it, Meet says may be I drank by mistake, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t believe, you drank and went to abandoned area wow, Meet says may be with kids I went wrong way, but why will Manushi Didi know, and didi don’t worry he is just worried for me.

Meet Ahlawat stops Manushi from leaving and says tell me the answer how did alcohol came in to glass, you are assistant manager go find. Manushi says okay and leaves. Meet says forget it, I’m fine and we are much closer now look.

Babita walks to Raj, Sunaina and Ragini get juice for him, Sunaina says to Raj, he is getting stubborn day by day, Raj says only kids can be stubborn, Sunaina says I know its difficult this time and so I accept the proposal, I’m ready if you want me to leave you all and go, Ragini says yes she has agreed, Babita looks at Raj. Raj says Sunaina you are my daughter, I’m not sending you away, this is your house and always will be but here everyone’s responsibility is mine and you are a important part of this family and you deserve to be happy, Sunaina smiles and hugs him and gives him juice.

Tej gets groomed by Meet, Meet takes him along with her, Manushi sees them and says oh god Meet is with that mad man who knows the truth, I hope he doesn’t tell her and why did Meet change his look and I have to follow them to find what are they talking.

Manushi following Meet and Tej. Meet gets him to a restaurant, and calls Meet Ahlawat to find where he is, Meet gives order and says we will have good food today.
Manushi trying to find what they are talking. Meet calls Meet Ahlawat, he says he is reaching in 5. Meet says my husband will be happy to see you.

Tej asks for food, Manushi thinks good he doesn’t remember anything but I have to wait and make sure he doesn’t speak anything. Meet asks Tej how did he come here and where is his family and checks the novel and says oh Sunaina my bhabhi’s name is Sunaina.

Tej says Sunaina, food arrives, he gets excited and starts eating, Meet says even my husband loves Pasta. Meet thinks he has manners too, he doesn’t seem poor, but from a good family, god knows where is his family.

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