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Meet 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meet 20th July 2022 Duggu stumble and fall, he shouts in pain because of electric shock. Manjari cuts the supply. Masum says thank god he is still breathing. A man from crew says Santosh saved the kid but where is he. Santosh looking for his uniform. Manjari throw his uniform and leave. Everyone congratulates Santosh says you saved producer kids life you are grear.

Manushi ask Manjari are you alright did you know what happen with Duggu but he is safe now and says I brought a badge for you for being best fan and now you are my best friend too and says if you need anything in future you can tell me consider me as your elder sister and she hugs her. Manjari start walking away.

Manjari in temple does shiv tandav and remember her last encounter with Manushi and Kunal in warehouse. She gets tiered and sit.

Meet Ahlawat sleeping remembers Meet last video of leaving him away. He wakes up while taking her name.

Popat walks to Manjari says enough how much more you will punish yourself, go and tell your Meet Ahlawat that you are not Manjari it’s his Meet who is with him all the time. Why don’t you tell her that you both are incomplete without eachother no force can separate you, go and tell the truth you are Meet Hooda.

Meet Ahlawat in hangover drinks water and break the glass says how dare you come in my dreams, I hate you.

Meet says to Popat I can’t tell him that I’m same Meet. Popat says you should have shown video of Masum and everyone will know the truth how she and Manushi planned against you. Meet says whenever I see Manushi it hurts badly, right now I’m helpless till the time I reach my destination, today I achieved my first part if ny destiny by deleting that video, I made her believe that I’m Manjari.

Meet Ahlawat says you won’t be able to prove me that you are Manjari, you can fool everyone in this house but not me now I’ll try to find out why you are back in this house.

Meet says I never started this game but I’ll finish it, that day when I got saved from fire it took me 8 months to reach this point and today I crossed my first path. I’ll continue this game till the time I don’t get the location of my baby, till now I never touched my kid,

he must be waiting for me and this game won’t stop till the time I don’t get my baby back. Popat says don’t know how much more struggle is written in your destiny, you are going through the anger of your husband, that you were about to die because of smoke but you choose to die,

you are Meet Hooda nothing can stopyou and pray to god. Meet says if I would have helped myself Manushi and Masum would never stop being suspicious, I know they are watching me and I was inside on purpose to check who am I in reality, I went infront of Masum being Meet but Manushi is my sister I can’t risk at all.

Popat says I understand everything and I won’t leave you alone but why did you saved Duggu who’s mother helped your sister to take away your kid, what was need to save Duggu. Meet says what are you talking then how will other differentiate between us,

I never touched my kid and I know the pain of loosing kid and this is the world’s biggest punishment and I don’t want Masum to be in that condition and Duggu is innocent so how can I punish him too.

Popat says now get back to your character of Manjari and this time you will reach your destination my gut felling says, we can bet if I win I’ll give you double. Meet put diya on her palm and says to god I’m taking an oath I won’t loose my character of Manjari till the time I don’t get the location about my kid.

Meet Ahlawat get’s ready. He remove cushion and finds broken bangle and remember his last night conversation with Manjari and says god I don’t remember what all I said to her did she left hime.

Sunaina, Babita, Ragini and Isha dancing in hall. Tej recoding there video. Meet Ahlawat at stairs thinks did she left because I can’t see her. Manjari walks in and dance. Meet Ahlawat see brusies on her hand. Manjari stop music and says dance well it’s Ahlawat’s marriage and pramote for her classes too.

Isha see Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing there come here join us. Tej also call him. Meet thinks why is he staring at me. Meet Ahlawat thinks thank god nothing went wrong last night and says to Tej you guys continue I’ll leave. Manjari says start again to everyone this time Tej also joins them. Meet thinks I’m ready to accept your bitterness I just want to reach my destination one time.


Meet 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat says to Manjari will you be my wife I’ll be the husband which you cannot imagine and you are just like my wife for whom I have thought about in my dreams. Meet Ahlawat thinks you won’t be able to digest that I want to get married to Manjari so you will break you character and truth will come infront of everyone.


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