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Meet 23rd August 2022 Meet Ahlawat performs pooja and Meet prays God keep my child happy where ever he is.Barfi performs pooja for Deep and apologise for trading his death, she had bo worriez for Nilam till Deep was alive but now she can’t let Nilam be alone and needed someone who can take care of her, please forgive your mother, I had to do this to make sure Nilam’s future is sorted, cloth beneath Deep’s photo catches fire.

Meet sees smoke coming out of the room and rushes to check whats wrong. Barfi tries to get rid of smoke. Meet knocks the door and asks Barfi is she fine. Barfi thinks I hope she doesn’t find about Deep. Meet walks in but can’t see anything because of smoke. Barfi quickly removes the photo and keeps its aside. Barfi is taken out of the room. Meet Ahlawat tries to get rid of fire, Meet helps him.

Meet asks Barfi how did the room had fire, Meet Ahlawat thinks I have to divert her or else she will find the truth and says why do you always have to interfere can’t you see Amma is so stressed. Meet Ahlawat asks Isha to get some lemon water.

Barfi asks Nilam to go look after the house. Meet Ahlawat asks Barfi, should he call doctor. Barfi says to him, can he get Deep back and says think what I am going through have to hide and perform pooja for my son so that no one learns the truth and Isha doesn’t have to bare the pain.

Meet Ahlawat says I lost my child too I understand your pain. Barfi says and what about my daughter, Meet Hooda is still your wife if she doesn’t give you divorce what will my daughter be called do you have any idea, do what you have promised, I won’t let your sister be in peace if my daughter isn’t go fulfill the promise you gave me.

Meet Ahlawat says I will make Meet beg for divorce, she doesn’t know what I am.

Meet in her room, looks at her picture with Meet Ahlawat and thinks about time spent with him. Meet Ahlawat near Raj and in tears.Nilam in her room, sees there is no water, she goes in kitchen to get it, its dark she hears footstep and gets scared, Meet walks in and switches on lights,

Meet asks her what is she doing here so late. Meet picks a glass and gives her water. Meet remembers how she was scared when she first came in Ahlawat house. Meet picks snacks and gives to Nilam and says you didn’t have food have this or else you won’t sleep. Nilam calls her Didi and says I want to tell you something, we both are in a boat who doesn’t have destination,

he hates you and I am not his choice. Meet says to her you hate someone you have hopes with, and love has pain and so we are not in same boat. Nilam says you are right Didi, but is it important to have love because some paths never reach destination, and so few people always have problems in life and also you didn’t have food have something, sleep and food have nothing to do but the strom inside won’t let us sleep,

Next day Meet prays, says why do I have to see this day, my child is no more and Meet Ahlawat married again, how long should I go through this pain. Amrita walks in and says its all about faith, even I have prayed and I know I will get what I want,

I have been married for 7 years and still no child but I have faith that I will be a mother. Meet asks who are you. Amrita says I am Amrita Kothari, jewellery designer and Meet Ahlawat ordered necklace for his wife, I am running late please give it to him.

Babita sees decoration in house and asks what all is this, Hoshiyar walks in and asks what occasion is this. Decorater says we are called here for newly wed ritual celebrations, Babita sees Nilam and says how dare you celebrate here, you must be behind this right, we are not happy to have you and will never accept you. Meet Ahlawat says I asked them to make arrangements.eet Ahlawat says mom I have my wife here and we are newly wed. Meet thinks I know you are doing this to hurt me.

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