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Meet 24th September 2022 Babita says to Raj, I know about Meet, she does everything for others happiness and then when it comes to you she can never be wrong and whatever she may do, you never are upset with her. Raj asks why will I be upset with her but why are you talking all this.

Meet walks in with basket. Meet Ahlawat walks in from behind. Babita smiles at Meet.

Pooja praying Kamal asks her to give the baby some honey. Pooja walks to basket, opens it and sees baby isn’t in basket and says Kamal baby isnt here. Kamal in shock asks where is the baby. Pooja says basket got exchanged what if they have informed police.

Meet thinks Papaji hasn’t spoken to Meet Ahlawat since we are here, I am so worried. Meet picks the basket and keeps on the bed and says to Meet Ahlawat, help me fix these items and opens the basket but doesn’t see inside and closes it. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj, Dad scold me, beat me but don’t be so silent.

Meet says I forced him to come, its my fault. Babita says I asked her to get me. Raj says wow my family is standing for eachother, I cane to Tirth for some peace but no one cares. Meet says we just want to see you happy. Meet Ahlawat says if Dad isn’t happy I will leave. Meet says wait and says to Raj, you have always been there to support me in all decisions, for this decision please support. Raj says okay he can stay but not in my room, get him another room and leaves.

Babita asks Meet to stop Raj, because Meet Ahlawat and him should wait in one room to patch up. Meet leaves.

Kamal says our basket is exchanged, Pooja says you kept down just once and may be that time it got exchanged. Kamal remembers Meet and Meet Ahlawat had same basket. Kamal says we need that baby, I need son after three daughters and prays. Kamal picks knife and leaves.

Masum happy to be back in Ahlawat house in luxury. Amma says to Masum, don’t forget you begged me to let you stay. Masum leaves. Sunaina welcomes Ammaji. Ammaji thanks her for letting them stay. Sunaina says we are happy to have you.

Masum starts giving Deepu orders. Sunaina says you need to first pick sides here. Masum thinks why will I take Meet’s side. Hoshiyar says Meet Bhabhi’s side obviously. Ammaji says I will choose honest people my daughter.

Masum says I am Dad’s side and winks at barfi. Sunaina says you will go get yourself smoothie, chocolate milkshake and tea and Papaji has allowed you to stay only if you work here. Ammaji says Masum is now trained by me, she will work.

Barfi asks Neelu to stay away from Ammaji, she looks just like Meet.
Kamal looking for Meet and Meet Ahlawat.
Neelu cooking says I just want my husband, and I am going to learn kheer for him.

Ammaji and Isha arrive there, Ammaji says Meet makes Kesar Kheer so yumm, Meet Ahlawat loved it, Isha says Meet bhaiya hates it now because if his fight with bhabhi. Ammaji says don’t worry Meet will patch up with him and then he will have kheer made by my daughter and not this girl. Neelu in tears.

Neelu starts looking for poison, she finds rat poison and adds it in kheer. Isha and Ammaji see her do that. Neelu about to drink, Isha and Ammaji push her. Neelu says everyone hates me so its better I die and leaves. Ammaji says this girl is mad.

Kamal looking for Meet, she passes from behind. Raj asks for extra room, he says all rooms are booked. Raj says try atleast something small, he says sorry its all full. Meet arrives and hears this and says thank god. Raj is told there is one solution, if the person is single I have one place.

Kamal starts looking for Meet in the hotel. In one room he sees Meet Ahlawat and recognises him and sees the basket.

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Meet 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet says if someone is hiding something and is unable to tell so he can write it in letter and tie it to a tree so that godess will fulfill his wish. Meet thinks I have to find out what he wrote in letter there are chances I get to know the reason behind marriage


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