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Meet 26th May 2022 Meet Ahlawat says to Raj me and Meet are not divorced this won’t be legally correct. Raj says so what when paper will be ready then you can sign it and why do you care at all are you have different thoughts.

Meet ask tell. Raj says no we got the answer. Ragini says but how we will get a good boy for Meet, you know how different she is. Raj says I send photo to boy family and they like her and I have told them everything, they said we were looking a girl something like this and they were excited to come now,

I said relax let boy and girl meet first in person and says to Meet Ahlawat don’t worry about divorce our lawyer will take care of that and if things get delay then don’t worry about boy he can wait for that you know in first look he liked Meet. Meet smiling. Raj says so we should meet them tomorrow so everyone get ready to welcome them. Meet thinks I believe that Meet Ahlawat still love me.

Meet Ahlawat says actually Dad is right they are good people, he could be your perfect life partner I also want to see who that guy is. Raj says so get ready and make arrangements, Raj ask Meet Ahlawat to train Meet to tell her how to talk to a boy before marriage because she don’t have any experience.

Meet Ahlawat says so you want me to guide her. Raj says yes you two are good friends and friends can do this, if you are feeling awkward I’ll ask someone else. Meet Ahlawat says okay if you are saying so it’s important for me so I’ll do it. Raj praises him and ask them to start your training. Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks to room. Raj wishes Meet good luck.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet ask why are tou quiet tell me what I have to talk to boy when he will be here, you have experience because I’m dumb at all, when you came to see Manushi, Dadi send me out. Meet Ahlawat says are you trying to understand what is happening you are going to get married again and I have to tell your tricks to impress a boy.

Meet says I know it’s my fault because a boy never came to see me, we got married in no time so you explain me I’ll grasp everything fast, I know you are also not perfect but we have to find a solution, I have an idea, I have learn something from movie and after that you tell me, she explains him everything how things will go on and ask him tell me what questions I should ask.

Meet Ahlawat ask do you really want to break this relation and get married. Meet says you are right he will surely ask me this question. Meet Ahlawat says what will be your answer if he ask this question. Meet says I’ll tell him that I don’t know that things will so wrong between us, we both thought we know eachother, never hide anything from us,

we friends and dated eachother but failed when we try to become husband and wife but we failed, we have same name Meet but my husband was unable to accept me as wife, I have no issues with my behaviour sometimes I raise my hand because I cannot see something bad happening to someone I love as I’m a police officer, when I use to see my colleagues I think how are they able to cope up with a police officer because it’s difficult because husband cannot copeup with a police officer as wife and all this I’ll tell truth to boy that this is what I’m you have to accept me.

Meet Ahlawat says I like you as it is. Meet ask you still in character of teacher because we are not that close to eachother, I’m stranger to you and run away. Meet Ahlawat says how you can be stranger you are my Meet.

Masum in her room. Hoshiyar brings everything what she ask. Masum says to him I’ll make Dad happy with my arrengements and I’ll give half the credit to you but I still don’t believe how Dad is getting Meet married again I’m not if he is pranking or seriously want her to get married. Hoshiyar yar forget all this, this is not first time how he got married Sunaina with Ravi as if Tej won’t come back ever.

Masum says yes I forgot about that because once dad decide something he takes it to end. Hoshiyar says yes it’s so wrong going on in this house and leave. Masum says how can I tell you I always think about this, then I’ll go for Sunaina and Tej and both of my brother’s will be facing breakup then everything will come to me, whole business and Ahlawat’s mansion, then everyone will hear me and things will happen according to princess Masum.

Meet looks at new dresses and says they are beautiful. Raj and Meet start talking things which may affect Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat thinks how can she be so happy did she forget everything the way we spend our time. Meet ask him what did you say. He says nothing do whatever you want.

Meet says okay tell me what should I wear. He ask why are you asking me. Meet says because you are training me so you will tell what will look good on me. Raj says yes she is right you only accepted to help her and you know what looks good on her. Meet says yes I want to look best to impress him. Raj says to Meet both of the clothes look good on you. Meet Ahlawat says tomorrow is Saturday and mon says we should not take new things on Saturday. Raj says but why are you saying this you don’t believe in this.

He says I don’t believe but I heard Chachi also talking about this so I thought of telling. Babita walks to them and says you don’t need to think and ask Rah to call the boy’s family and I’m happy for one thing that she accepted and I think things should come to end early because my son also want she should be happy right Meet Ahlawat. Raj ask Meet to get ready by tomorrow 4p.m. meet says okay and leave.

Babita walks in Meet Ahlawat room and ask him what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat says I’m obeying Dad and emptying room so that his daughter can live happily in room. Babita says you are so obedient, didn’t think at all I’m so proud of you. Meet Ahlawat says do we have any other way too. Babita says when you will spot out your anger then you can find many ways. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not angry.

Babita says uf you are not angry then why can’t you see truth, as if I know Meet and Raj is cooking something together. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t care at all. Babita okay be quiet and sit, tell me do you really want this divorce, you still live her but can you live without her. Meet Ahlawat says yes I’ll live because she don’t care about relation so leave her. Babita says I want you to be happy and remember this room is your and leave.


Meet 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat says to Meet if we both try together then Isha can get well soon, if we make Isha meet Deep tomorrow 1p.m. Meet says not tomorrow, people are coming to see me. Meet Ahlawat says we make them meet and come back okay. Meet says okay. Meet Ahlawat thinks I’ll see how you will come back on time tomorrow.


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