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Meet 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meet 27th August 2021 episode starts with Meet is about to dash the speeding truck but saves herself diverting her bike on a mud pit where she falls unhurt.

Meet Ahlawat is planning to order pizza on his construction site due to hungry but remembers about the same girl Meet who always came across him hence if he orders then might be she’ll only come to deliver due to her work as a delivery person hence he cancels his plan.

Meet wonders how her bike’s brakes got failed but feels to take help hence waits on road to stop passing vehicles but nobody is waiting.

Meet Ahlawat’s sister in law Sunaina asks his elder sister Masoom’s son Guddu to utter the truth what he saw but Masoom says how can a child know what was thrown & as everybody knows the reaction of Meet about this Photo then it might be he would had thrown in dustbin but Sunaina says he’ll throw in his room’s dustbin then but Masoom cries blaming her she doesn’t waste any time to insult her & leaves from there while Meet’s mother also curses Sunaina.

Meet stops a van passing whom she requests to help her due to which she’ll also can be of help to them next time for anything but he tells his driver to not to stop for any unknown person & they move from there.

Meet Ahlawat is chatting with his friend Deep about a party of his another friend Robin which is to attended in the evening where he might meet somebody impressive for him as per his choice so has to leave immediately for dressing.

Meet is waiting for some vehicle to arrive & Meet Ahlawat arrives in his car watching the same girl Meet who is trying to signal him for stopping but he moves ahead thinking might be he is dreaming about the same girl again & again but Meet wonders about his behaviour & later on he stops thinking if it might be true about she waiting for help.

The earlier van returns his vehicle to help Meet with whom she takes her bike for repairing while Meet Ahlawat also reverses his car to see is it she itself but finds nobody waiting hence he too leaves believing he was dreaming it seems.

Meet brings her sister Manushi to her friends house but finds its party happening hence he asks her again she lied which she had told her to not to lie mother but Manushi expresses about her enjoyment age if passed then will she do this in old age & mother wouldn’t had allowed her hence Meet accompanies her. Meet comes across lot of boys who are dancing foolishly & abusing her looks while Manushi watching this feels not to be with Meet or she’ll feel awkward to face her friends.

Meet goes to washroom where Meet Ahlawat is changing his dress in closed door but unable to tie his belt hence asks his friend Deep thinking he is outside the room, to help him but Meet hears & helps him & he is impressed with him who does not know who is helping him then he again asks him to choose dress for him & Meet gives him the choice hence he feels more impressed while Meet leaves from there & Meet Ahlawat after getting ready comes out of the room but doesn’t see Deep while he arrives saying he was little late & he realizes asking him that it was a girl who helped him.

Manushi advises Meet to sit outside to study her course book which she usually does in spare time because she isn’t interested in party hence Meet agrees & sits outside. Manushi meets her boyfriend Kunal but after sometime Kunal sees Meet Ahalwat is in party hence he takes excuse from Manushi bluffing her & leaves from there. Meet Ahlawat watches Manushi standing alone on whom he gets impressed about her looks & moves slowly towards her but Deep pulls him for some work.

A game begins in party where Manushi receives a chit of singing a song hence she takes help from Meet & Manushi holds the mike while Meet begins singing song from the background by which hearing this Meet Ahlawat falls on Manushi’s voice & looks too expressing to his friend Deep that he has found the right girl it seems.


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