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Meet 27th September 2022 Meet gives Prasad ingredients to cook, and says Babita has asked to make with very clean hands and leaves. Meet feels anxious. Meet sees a basket similar to her and checks it and finds ingredients and thinks what did I gave inside if this basket is their. Meet sees a a woman talk to her baby about changing diapers and remember how she heard baby noise, touch and how baby peed.

Meet rushes to the cook,cook picks basket and without checking inside pours in boiling oil, Meet saves the baby. everyone in shock. Cook gets scared and says please forgive us don’t complaint about us. Meet says its not your fault and says to baby, I will take you to your parents. Meet calls Meet Ahlawat and says quickly meet me with Mummy and Papa in our room.

Meet shows everyone baby in the room. Meet tells that the basket got exchanged. Raj says baby’s parents must be worried. Meet says but why would someone hide baby in basket. Kamal and Puja see baby with Meet. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat playing with the baby. Raj says we have to inform police and find parents.

Meet says not now, lets take care of baby now and tell police tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, right you like hiding things. Meet says you will never understand the reason and let me tell you, I couldn’t save my baby but will save this one and hand to the parents.

Kamal and Puja walk in, and invites them for Jagrata and they are disturbing the chunari. Kamal sees Meet Ahlawat playing with the baby. Puja and Kamal leave. Kamal says to Puja, they haven’t informed police yet and in jagrata we have to take the baby.

Ammaji thinks about Neelu and is scared. Isha asks why are you scared Dadi, is it Neelam. Amma says I am not able to forget why is she so mad and she can do anything. Ragini says you are right even I feel so, to give Raj paratha she tried committing suicide.

Isha says its her habit to do such drama. Amma says Neelam doesn’t care about her life which means she can do anything to anyone including Meet. Ragini says you are right, she can do anything. Isha says relax, she is very under confident. Amma prays to God to take care for Meet.

Neelam in a bar dancing as a bar dancer.

Babita gets ready for Jagrata. Meet, Raj and Babita see Meet Ahlawat playing with baby, Baby pees Meet Ahlawat calls Meet for help and says we had decided that you will clean diapers. Meet Ahlawat and Meet remember their conversation.

Meet makes a bed for baby and changes diaper. Raj and Babita get emotional. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, let me do it and plays with baby and changes diaper. Raj says to Babita, these two would be worlds best parents. Babita says you are right.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat with baby, Meet Ahlawat says to her whoever hide baby will try to harm again. Meet says the culprit will try again to hurt the baby, we will be alert.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat arrive in jagrata. Meet prays for the baby. Kamal and Puja have an eye on them.

Babita says Kamal and Puja are so generous right. Raj says yes. Raj asks Meet to sing prayer.Meet hands baby to Meet Ahlawat and starts singing the prayer.Baby starts crying, Meet says she looks hungry and milk is little cold. Puja walks to Meet and Meet Ahlawat says Meet come with me I will help you get milk.

Meet comes back and asks Meet Ahlawat to give the baby, Meet Ahlawat says no I will do it, baby keeps crying. Meet says she doesn’t recognise our touch so she is crying and helps Meet feed the baby. Babita very happy seeing Meet and Meet Ahlawat smile.

Kamal and Puja serve food for whole pandal and add sleeping pills to Meet’s food. They hand the bowl to Meet. Kamal says to Puja, now she will fall fast asleep soon. Meet sees an old lady shivering and asks is she fine. Aunty says I am not feeling well.

Puja says let me help you and Meet you look tired too. Meet says I am good just a little headache. Meet Ahlawat says you go rest in the room. Meet says I want to attend the function. Kamal says don’t worry rest for a bit even the baby will take rest for sometime. Babita and Raj insist Meet. Meet says okay and leaves with baby.

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