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Meet 2nd June 2022 Tej in kitchen brun his hand. Sunaina walks in and ask what happen. Ram Lakhan says he burn his hand. Sunaina says don’t worry you didn’t burnt yourself much. Tej says these are my medals for cooking. Sunaina apply ointment and says why are you so stubborn, you should accept that parenting alone is difficult.

Tej says you start judging my parenting if I was unable to cook, says it’s okay now see my kids will learn cooking and will win the competition too. Sunaina says okay fine from next time if anything happens don’t send your kids. Tej says I didn’t send them today and I’ll make sure they don’t roam around you.

Sunaina get’s angry and says good because now I have lot’s of work because client like my presentation and hopefully I’ll crack my next deal and I’m confident about this because I don’t invest in hopeless and fake project.

Tej ask so why did you come to show sympathy in fail project and says anyways we will talk when my kids will learn cooking and win the competition then we will decide about the project who won and who lost. Sunaina says okay I accept the challenge.

Meet in her room looking for her dress and says where did the jeans come from am I in wrong room she look around and says how did my clothes change now what I’ll wear. Babita calls Meet for breakfast. Everyone in hall. Meet get down in her old attire of jeans and T-shirts.

Masum says Meet back in her attire should we celebrate or do something else. Sunaina says what kind or clothes you are wearing atleast show some respect to everyone. Masum says she can do it because she gave good news to everyone which you cannot do Sunaina. Sunaina get’s upset says I didn’t know you would say something like this to me. Tej make Sunaina and Masum keep quiet.

Meet apologies and says I didn’t have my clothes that’s why I have to wear. Meet scolds Meet Ahlawat says you change my clothes. Babita says I changed your clothes and says this time dhe should wear which is comfortable for her, I was seeing she is not comfortable in saree which can harm kids that’s why she will wear what she like. Sunaina says you can save her in house from falling but what about her job,

she is doing field work then don’t you think she should resign from her job. Babita says she understands that very well so she will go and resign today. Raj walks in says she wont resign there are so many pregnant officer who do there job very well even in corporate world also women take leave so what is that different for Meet.

Babita says she is Ahlawat so she will leave her job to support there child, I have seen people who leave everything on there peak of career so what do you think will you leave your job or not. Meet thinks and ask to her kid you also tell what should I do.

Meet says yo everyone I won’t leave my job but I’ll take better care and convert my field job into desk job and it won’t get me in trouble for anything. Raj says yes you should apply today for desk job and says to Babita I spoke to guruji and decided to have pooja for our baby. Babita ask Meet Ahlawat to take Meet carefully to Guruji.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in car. Meet ask him why are you driving so slow is something wrong with your car. Meet Ahlawat says I’m doing this on purpose because I care about our baby and it’s called as being responsible and they both start talking about kid.

Ram says to Sunaina I know you did the work very well, if you want I can come with you in meeting. Sunaina says no worries I’ll handle everything. Tej says we will also prove that we are worth and ein the trophy of cooking and ask Ram Lakhan to pack everything. Lakhan see file and ask Sunaina to take it for meeting.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat reaches there location. Meet Ahlawat says we cannot drive further so will you be able to walk. Meet says don’t worry I can walk. They both start walking. Meet Ahlawat smiling. Meet ask what happen why are you smiling so much. He says I don’t know if I’m excited or happy for the junior and share his feelings about baby and how he will take care of baby and start talking about baby’s future.

Meet says wait a minute till now baby is not out and you talking about future. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t stop and see I’ll be the best father and I’ll give him anything whatever he wants. Meet start feeling giddy and stops.

Meet Ahlawat move forward leaving her behind. Meet take support of column to sit. Meet Ahlawat turn and sees a cart approaching towards Meet. Meet in pain. Meet Ahlawat rushes to save her. Meet remembers her mother word and stop a watermelon from hitting her. Meet Ahlawat saves meet, he picks her up and takes ger home.

Doctor examine Meet in her room. Babita ask is something wrong with kid. Meet says everything is fine and today I experienced the power of motherhood which you always mentioned and I save my baby, I can’t express that but I felt that clearly. Babita ask did you really felt that, I can believe that and I’m happy for you, now I hope you will follow what I said and now tell doctor about your problem.

Ragini says you must be week because of your situation. Doctor says she is fine nothing to worry. Meet apologies to Raj for not bringing gurujis shishya. Raj says don’t worry it’s managed. Meet says I should tell Meet Ahlawat about this and asl where is he.


Meet 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat in street fight. Meet rushes to him and ask why is he punishing himself.


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