Meet 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Meet 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meet 31st August 2022 Meet walks in her room, she see her burnt clothes on floor and a photo of Meet Ahlawat, she remembers what Neelu said to her about marrying Meet Ahlawat, Meet holding photo of Meet Ahlawat says because of our problems Neelu is been grinded between us, she burned my clothes and then try to burn herself,

today I realised how trapped she might be feeling, everyone is not ready to accept her and I always think of throwing her out of house, she is right from where she will get all the strength, what if she try to end herself again, she pray to god.

Meet Ahlawat on call talking about his company’s shipment. Meet sneak inside room with a gift, Ahlawat walks inside bathroom and she apply glue on door. He come out and ask her what are you doing here now, you already took my room now what. Meet says don’t worry you will get your room back soon.

Meet Ahlawat ask what’s the reason. Meet says I want to see you have so I’m giving you treat and ask him to ipen her gift. Meet Ahlawat open package and see lot’s of pizza inside. Meet says have this pizza. He says I don’t want and shouts at her.

Meet put puzza inside his mouth and they both start arguing on eating pizza. Meeet Ahlawat ask her to go out. Meet walks to door says this is not opening. Meet Ahlawat try to open door, he ask her what happen and try to call someone from out. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll try to call someone, he looks for his phone and walk inside bathroom.

Meet hide his phone under mattress. Meet Ahlawat walks out and ask her where is my phone tell me. Meet says I don’t know and accuse him for trapping her inside. Both of them trapped inside room.

Meet remembers her good time with Meet Ahlawat thinks you gave me a lot of good memories in my life I’ll keep them safe with me thanks for making my life happy. Meet Ahlawat eats pizza and fall asleep. Meet keep his phone near him, she open door looks at Meet Ahlawat says I’ll love you till my last breath and leave. Barfi Devi see her walking out of Meet Ahlawat’s room.

Sunaina and Isha together preparing for janmashtami. Ragini ask her are you missing Deep. She says yes today is my first festival after marriage, everything is here except Deep, on next janmashtami we will celebrate together.

Babita with Ragini walking towards Isha and Sunaina says I have very mixed feelings tomorrow Raj will be discharged from hospital and when he will see Neelu here don’t know how he will react.

Meet walks to them says you all look beautiful and here I brought some gift for everyone and I made all the clothes and jewellery for Kahnaji so you don’t have to go out to buy anything, she take selfie with everyone and leave. Sunaina says I think so she want to celebrate festival with Meet Ahlawat that’s why she is trying to make us happy.

Barfi with Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says you asked me to trust you that’s why I’m not asking you why Meet was coming out of your room in morning, I know that girl can go to any extent but you asked me 24 hours and it’s about to finish, you father will be back soon from hospital and when he is here it will be impossible to throw her out that’s why act fast and throw her out.

Everyone doing pooja for janmashtami. Barfi says today my Neelu and Meet Ahlawat will do the ritual of pooja. Neelu walks downstairs. Meet also walk downstair from other side. Everyone looking at them. Neelu walks to Barfi Devi she abot to put Meet Ahlawat’s hand in Neelu’s but Meet come in between and holds Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Barfi Devi say something to Meet but she put her to silence.


Meet 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :For a woman her husband is more valuable then her life. Meet sign divorce papers. Raj see the divorce papers, he slaps Meet Ahlawat and says how can you bring someone else in place of Meet. Meet Ahlawat try to take Raj’s blessings but he step back. Raj says this is true I cannot live without my son so from today onwards you will be my daughter in law/son and tie a turban on Meet.


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