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Meet 31st December 2021 Meet and Meet Ahlawat in Christmas party. He ask her to dance and they both start dancing. A Host come and wish everyone Christmas, says we have planned a game for everyone here, I know there are many couples here who are together from long time and some are one who got married recently well that doesn’t matter much how much time you spent together but the thing which matter in game is how much you know eachother, I’ll ask every couple 3 questions and the answer will tell how much you know eachother,

he walks to couple and ask there favourite colour and both answers correctly, then he walks to Mrs. Ahlawat and ask her husband favourite colour. Meet says ocean blue. Meet Ahlawat says it’s right. Host ask him Meet’s favourite colour. Meet says tell, she laugh and says he doesn’t know I won. Host walks away. Meet says you lost I won well forget let’s click picture we have to show it to our family as well and ask Santa to click picture with him. He takes selfie.

Meet says thanks to Santa and ask him now you can distribute gifts. He show him photos says you are so tall I’m not visible at all now, I’ll take my picture from my phone and share it with Mom and Dadi.

Meet Ahlawat thinks we have been together since long but I don’t know anything about her and she knows everything about me, and all I know is she just like making everyone else happy but nothing about her, Meet walks to him and says come lets click photo here. Everyone gather around them and cheer for them,

both confused, host says now come on do it, Meet asks what, Meet Ahlawat says its Mistletoe tree and when couple comes under it they have to kiss, all cheer and ask them to kiss, Manushi hiding and watching them.
Meet steps out and says I’m not standing under it, but a couple forces her in and all ask them to kiss. Manushi thinks no way he won’t kiss anyone except me, not especially this tom boy sister of mine.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and pulls her close. Meet Ahlawat takes his jacket and covers them, inside jacket both look at eachother. Meet closes her eyes, Meet Ahlawat whispers first time I have seen you nervous, and smiles. Manushi gets angry seeing them and says he is just mine this cannot happen.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet how hard will you hold your dress, Meet smiles and says stop pulling my leg. Meet Ahlawat removes his jacket, all cheer for them. Manushi says I never thought she would do this to get him close, but I won’t let you do this, I will take my big steps and won’t let anyone play with my future and crushes rose in her hand.

Host starts games for kids, he announces treasure hunt, Meet says I am playing too, Meet Ahlawat says you are still a kid, Meet says atleast not like you old before time, you manage I will go play, Meet Ahlawat says sure go.Meet starts playing with kids. Manushi keeps an eye on her. Meet starts feeling dizzy.Manushi had added sleeping pills in Meet’s juice and says Meet you will not remember anything or will be in control and I will take advantage of this.
Meet Ahlawat says Meet is very smart she will crack all clues.

Meet faints, Manushi catches her. Manushi says she will not come in between me now, and now Meet Ahlawat won’t go away from me and till Meet comes back he will be in my control and so I have to send her away for sometime. Manushi ties Meet and says if Kunal wasn’t waste I wouldn’t do this with you and you can adjust anything so now too you do it, I’m sorry and covers her puts in luggage trolley and pulls her away and pushes it away.

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Meet 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manushi pushes Meet and her trolley falls off the cliff. Meet Ahlawat sees that.


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